Math For 5-Year Olds… Too Difficult?

Honestly, do you think that these equations are a tad too advanced for 5-year old pre-schoolers?

When I explained to her how to go about solving the equations, I really doubted that she remembered everything, i.e. what she has to do when the empty box is in front, when the empty box is behind, when it’s plus and when it’s minus. 

If my memory didn’t fail me, I think I was only taught these when I was in standard 2 or 3. I really don’t remember doing all these when I was a 5-yo pre-schooler. I only remembered I knew how to count from 1-100 when I was 5-yo and I remember playing and singing a lot in kindy…. definitely not doing Math equations.

I have to say that Alycia has improved and caught up with her peers by the leaps and bounds since early this year. She can now do her Math homework by herself (she always insists that she wants to do it by herself) though most times I still sit next to her to ensure that she did it correctly.
Alycia did this exercise on her own and she got almost all correct, with a couple of careless mistakes.

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17 thoughts on “Math For 5-Year Olds… Too Difficult?

  1. yeah….it’s so difficult, my daughter doing addition standard 1 now but very much easier. My 5 year old son still blur blur with numbers….hahaha

  2. Now the syllabus are very tough. I’m worry too whether able to guide my girl in future. Although we know the answer but we need to know the teaching technique too. After I wasted my energy explained to my nephew, end up he answer me he NOT UNDERSTAND haha.

  3. Have you checked her Standard one syllabus to see if it is more advanced than this or easier than this? Because if it is easier than this, she is going to be bored at Standard One, for Maths anyway……..

  4. wow….i’m impressed that alycia can do these all by herself, she must be one brilliant child. my boys at 7 yrs old still need guidance….. sigh 🙁

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