Baby C’s Re-admission – Day 6, Post Surgery Day 16

Yesterday afternoon – the branula on Baby C’s hand leaked. When the doctor opened up the branula, we saw that the hole on baby’s hand had expanded, thus the leakage. Ouch, the line had to be removed and another line inserted again. That was the dunno how many umpteenth time the line was inserted and baby now has holes all on her hands.

When Baby C puked continuously puked last night and her tummy looked really distended, the doctor inserted a nasogastric tube (NG tube) into her nostril.  The NG tube passes her nostril, throat and into her guts.  Any gastric juice, bile liquid or gas can be aspirated out from the tube.  Yesterday, the doctor attached a huge collection bag to the NG tube. Stomach liquid would be able to flow out freely into the collection bag.  It was an extremely traumatizing and heart-wrenching time for Baby C and me.  I can’t even bring myself to describe here how my baby reacted when the NG tube was inserted into her guts from her nostril.  That was just too much for her to bear.  Even we adults would freak out and faint seeing the tube being inserted into our guts.  After the NG tube was inserted, our doctor ordered another X-ray of the abdomen to be done… at 11pm.   The X-ray showed normal guts pattern, some wind at the bottom of her guts (which means that the wind could pass her guts and most likely no obstruction).

This morning, our doctor referred a group of pediatricians to review Baby C, for a second, third and forth opinion. In this hospital, the pediatricians work in a team. Every morning, a team of 3 peds would make ward rounds to review and examine every patient. The peds would take turns to examine the patient, come up with a diagnosis and then brainstorm. The team of peds were all of the opinion that there’s no obstruction in baby’s guts as her stools are green in color, the bowel sounds are active and her tummy is soft.   The green color thingy are from the bile and if her guts are obstructed, the bile thingy and stools would not be able to pass the guts and out from her rectum.  Also, baby’s temperature had come down, must be the antibiotics (which our dr. started giving to baby late last night) took effect or baby’s body is healing on its own.

I’m now anxiously waiting for my surgeon and the team of peds to revert to me on the next course of action.  Meanwhile, the hubs will be flying back to KL today to sort out his business matters after being away from KL for more than 2 weeks. 

I would really like to thank all my readers who have been praying for my baby and thanks to the pastors (whom I don’t even know) from 2 churches here in Penang who came to pray for Baby C. 

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22 thoughts on “Baby C’s Re-admission – Day 6, Post Surgery Day 16

  1. I check your blog religiously every 10 mins to check for your new update on baby C.. not only you are anxious. We are all anxious here. We love Baby C too.

  2. I have also been religiously checking your blog to read on Baby C. Really sad to hear that she is still not well. I know how u feel now, but pls stay strong ok. Hugz. Cast yr burdens on God ok.

  3. it is so frustrating to see how many times ex-ray taken over and over again, not to mention the traumatic experience and the cost incurred 🙁 can’t they just work it out with the previous x-ray taken, and send it to some experts from other hospital to diagnose it?

  4. Did you ask the doc whether there were similar cases like this? I tried to Google but cannot find anything about prolonged vomiting after surgery. Hang in there yeah and trust God to see Baby C through.

  5. i really dunno what to say. everyday i look for your post hoping for improvements on BB C’s conditions. Let us know if there’s anything we can do while we continue to pray

  6. just check with some “older” ppl. they said the stomach got wind n its cold. so they said consider warming the sooth out the wind n make it warm wor… perhaps u may want to check with the paeds.

    did u send any of the scans to ur family member in UK? ur hubby side surgeon?

    Best Wishes to baby C. *hugs*

  7. I can imagine how u felt, usually doctors don’t allow family member to be inside the room when they carry out such a procedure, like inserting the tube into the guts.
    Hopefully the tube can overcome baby C constant puke for the time being, and allowing the body to heal.
    Hang in there… take care of yourself also, ok…. remind yourself to eat and sleep well to be there always for baby C… 🙂

  8. my heart really sank knowing Baby C is still not well. will continue to pray for Baby C and hope the docs will be able to diagnose the problem! stay strong and take care.

  9. :((

    Sooo sorry she’s not well yet. It’s heartbreaking to see her being poked and prodded, and all those Xrays can’t be good for her little body. Pray that she gets well soon!

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