A Very Early Father’s Day Celebration

Since we were all in Ipoh this week, hubby and I planned a very advanced Father’s Day celebration for my dad. On Wednesday, hubby brought us to Moven Peak for a very sumptuous and enjoyable eat-all-you-can steamboat which was priced very reasonably.   Initially, we could not decide whether to go to Mun Choong Chinese Restaurant or Moven Peak.   At the 11th hour, my dad suggested Moven Peak steamboat since his company recently held an annual dinner there and everyone enjoyed themselves.   Well, there was absolutely no regret as all of us, especially the kids had a very, very enjoyable time there eating, yakking and laughing away… at Baby C’s antics.

We left the restaurant at about 10pm after spending about 2 hours there. When we reached home, the gals had another round of enjoyable time cutting and walloping the cake.  Gosh, I ate so much till I felt so fat.  Everyone slept at way past midnight and Baby C who really enjoyed herself (after a month of pain and torture) was still wide awake at 12ish midnight and in a playful mood and only slept at around 1am.

Hubby bought a chocolate moist cake from the famous Indulgence Restaurant in Ipoh as my dad loves chocolate cakes. The cake is best eaten warm, so my dad put his slice of cake into the microwave oven to warm the cake up.  It was really yummy!

We also bought my dad a shirt.

Towards the end of the dinner, Baby C made all of us laugh with her cute and funny antics. She was whining away as she was feeling restless.  She so wanted to eat our food but was only given a small slice of tofu…. and of course she ate her homemade beef+fish porridge and double boiled chicken soup.  So I gave her an apple which I took from the buffet counter for her to chew on. It was the first time that she was given the freedom to hold on to a whole big apple to chew on and boy was she excited and ecstatic.   She was obviously having a great time chewing and sucking the sweet juice from the apple. When she dropped the apple on the chair, I took the apple from her to wash it with some drinking water. The second the apple left her hands, she yelled out and strained in frustration…. moving her body forward with both her hands reaching towards me, as if begging me to give her back the apple.  She was really scared that I would take the apple from her for good…. and that made all of us laugh…. and she made the family sitting next to us laughed too lol!  My sweetie-pie also shared her precious apple with her favorite cheh cheh and that made us laugh even more.  She was doing the ‘one bite for you and one bite for me’ kinda thingy non-stop and that was really funny, sweet and cute.

Fresh scallops in shells from the buffet counter. It was the first time I saw fresh scallops in shells.  This was one of the hottest items and was polished off from the buffet counter in a flash all the time. 

Our steamboat in superior herbal soup.

Our steamboat in porridge soup base.

If you are from Ipoh or happen to be in Ipoh, you really should give Moven Peak steamboat a try. It’s what the Chinese call “pheng, leng, chen” (which literally means cheap, beautiful and really good in Cantonese)!  My gals loved it so much that the next day, they pleaded daddy and koong koong to bring them there again. Well, we will definitely patronize Moven Peak Steamboat again in August or September when we come back to Ipoh again (to bring Baby C to Penang for her MCUG scan).

Check out my other blog to read more about Moven Peak and to view more pix of the food.

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5 thoughts on “A Very Early Father’s Day Celebration

  1. i can imagine how babyC could amused the ppl around with her cute antics, gee….
    and boy…..both the soup & porridge steamboat pots looked so appetizing !!! take note take note of d place…

  2. YUm….looks great! (though I swear by Mun Choong’s sadfood fried rice – always get my SIL to tapau for me haha). I miss having steamboat – stopped doing it since the boys were born. Takes too much time…….

  3. The steamboat really looks yummy. Was gonna ask where was the place…then saw that it’s in Ipoh. Think I’ve not been to Ipoh for ages! Would probably get lost the moment I arrive.

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