Fond Childhood Memories

Hubby bought a bunch of  lin thoong (fresh lotus seeds in pod) when we were in Ipoh last week. Gosh, it has been yonks since I last ate or saw fresh lotus seeds in pod. It sure brought me back many fond childhood memories when I saw this bunch of lin thoong :

The white seed on the left is the freshly peeled lotus seed and the green one on the right is the lotus seed still in its skin, which is hard and rubbery like. Removing the lotus seeds from the pod is quite a feat too.  Removing the tiny green core in the middle of the lotus seed is another tedious chore… and popping the fresh sweet seed into the mouth is like a reward!

I’ve never seen these in markets in KL. Fresh lotus seeds in pod are normally sold in wet markets in Ipoh… coz in Ipoh, there are still many farmers growing lotus roots in ponds.

My late maternal grandma used to buy us lin thoong when we were little. She, my 2 brothers and I would have loads of fun peeling and munching those lin thoong at night to while away our time. During those donkey years, there were no Astro, no computer games, no fanciful shopping malls and our entertainment was normally outdoor activities and simple pleasure like eating lin thoong and groundnuts.

These are some pix taken at my parents’ in Ipoh recently :

Sherilyn cheh cheh giving baby a ride on the tricycle.

My 3 angels spending their last evening in Ipoh with koong koong and granny. 

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17 thoughts on “Fond Childhood Memories

  1. wow.. you got the lin thong! Yes, its always our “sweets” those days when my maternal mum is around.. and look at Baby C.. she enjoys her ride and cheh cheh doing very well in giving her a ride!

  2. I’ve nvr seen or eaten lin thoong b4. But it sounds like a vy tedious process b4 u can eat it. 🙂
    That’s a cool tricycle. 2 kids can enjoy it at the same time.

  3. oh lin thoong brings back many childhood memories for me too. My old house in ipoh was quite near a lotus pond and we used to go there to see the beautiful lotus flowers. i love to eat lin thoong too 😀 The kid’s bike is so cute with a passenger seat. Baby C must have had a great time being chauffered by her Sher cheh cheh.

  4. I love to buy those whenever I go back to Taiping too 😀 (back because Taiping was my mum’s hometown)… my 2 boys love to eat it too. They do sell these at Petaling Street by those Indian hawkers who sell those Jasmine flower by the roadside but the price a exorbitant 😛

  5. jus peel and eat like tat? ohhh… 1st time seeing it also… nice hor balik kampung, so spacious, play outdoor, climb here n there 🙂

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