The Indulgent Grandparents

Would you agree with me that most grandparents are indulgent grandparents and would spoil their grand children rotten? My parents are and so is my mil. And my 3 gals are darn lucky. When we were back in Ipoh recently, my dad (whom we feared the most when we were young as he’s fierce!) was the yes-man to my gals’ commands. Almost each day he would pamper Alycia and Sher with ice-creams.  My gals would take advantage of koong koong’s generosity and indulgence and would fill the shopping cart with chocolates and junk food each time we went shopping together.  One time, we were having lunch at a coffee shop at Sunway Ipoh. Whilst my mum, my maid and I were still eating our lunch, my dad quietly brought Aly and Sher for a walk to the nearby shops to look for ice-creams to buy…. but none of the shops there sold ice-cream. Guess what? He then drove Aly and Sher to the nearby Giant and bought them a bag full of ice-creams. My dad and mum even had to sacrifice their favorite TV programs and were forced to sit down with Aly and Sher to watch cartoons with them!

Back in KL, Aly and Sher are spoilt rotten by mah mah.  Mah Mah would never fail to surprise them with their favorite snacks each time she goes shopping.  Now that we live in a condo and there is a store at the basement of our condo that sells lots of Japanese snacks and ice-creams, Aly and Sher would badger mah mah to bring them down to the basement to play scooter and tricycle and thereafter have a junk food shopping spree at the store.  And mah mah would almost always obligingly buy them whatever that they desire at the store.  Here’s what mah mah bought the gals last week :

A galore of ice-creams…

and biscuits.

Let’s see what the gals will pester mah mah to buy this week…

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14 thoughts on “The Indulgent Grandparents

  1. hehe, cus they cant pamper u mah, so they pampering ur kids lor… think we wud pamper our grandkids too huh… chewah, our grandkids… hahahaha!

  2. wow, i envy ur gals. looks darn good the goodies, i also want! 😀

    yes, it’s always the case. our parents will spoil our kids rotten and my parents stock up their fridge with chocs, sweets and ice creams just for their grandchildren. my inlaws would stock up with food (they love cooking) and will overcook as usual. too bad my girl is a fussy eater, only loves junk food.

  3. ya my grandparents used to give in to ALL my requests too!! i’ll get to eat all the prohibited food especially fast food when they visit us in KL …

  4. How true, how true. My dad is just the same. Everytime she merajuk, he’ll bring her to the car, drive her out to 7-11 and buy her sweets!! *mummy pengsan* (cos 1st, she’s not allowed to simply merajuk and 2nd, she’s not allowed to eat sweets!)

  5. my case here is slightly different coz besides my parents, i am one of the main person to spoil the boys *haha* we always use food to keep the boys busy while we go shopping!! i know its bad, but we wanna shop peacefully. so, the snacks comes handy and will always work!

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