More Of My Little Vain Pot And Perhaps Future Model?

Even at home, my little vain pot would wear clothes meant for outings on days when she’s in the mood to look pretty. She even wears bangles and decorates her hair with clips and hair bands at home. She’s even creative enough to double up smaller hair bands as rings for her fingers!  The other day when she saw me applying lipstick, she pleaded with me for some on her lips too!  She just loves to be pretty and truly wants to be a princess. At 4 years old now, she tells me that she wants her hair long (I won’t allow that coz this fler loves to scratch her head when her hands are oily and sticky during meal times!!), would apply talcum powder on her body after her bath so that she feels fresh, dry, comfortable and smells good (that’s exactly what she told me!)!

Not only is she vain, she also loves to pose when her pix are taken!

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16 thoughts on “More Of My Little Vain Pot And Perhaps Future Model?

  1. she is so cute! Maybe u shd try sending in her photo to kids magazines or boutiques to see if they require a model. I have 2 friends whose kids were chosen to be models. Good exposure for them.

  2. my girls also acted like that at home, Crystal even refuses to wear shorts at home, insists on wearing skirts. I have to hide her high heel shoes cos they are nice to see but very uncomfortable to wear.

  3. My dtr was and is still like this! She laughs now looking back at old pics of what she used to wear! Another thing…this is “ammunition”…u can bribe her with make-up or a new hair barette etc if she finishes dinner.
    If your dtr gets picked to be a can be a demanding situation. Basically, u don’t get to think, u are at the mercy of the agency, and it is a harsh business. On the flip side, if u don’t take it seriously, have fun with it and don’t let it be a priority. Also, be careful..a lot of scams out there with these agencies.

  4. My 4 yr old not like dat (more conservative than her model wannabe chech who is 5 yr old . The cheh cheh would choose her own clothes , put on & then walked oso like model!! I guess my girls are opposite frm Alycia & Sher.

  5. hahha…. I have to laugh at her comment, fresh, dry, comfortable and smells good… she is sure a vain pot. She is also very imaginatives, looking at her rings on her fingers….

    Love her blink blink wings 🙂

  6. besides giving you some headache now sometimes, i think this child is giving u the least worry with her independent character in future. such a blessing to have a child with such a happy character 🙂

  7. She can pose very well. Look at her cheeky smile and face how to get angry with her?

    eh ya wor, you always said she don’t like to eat, but she look chubby, and look at her stomach.

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