Baby C Wears Swimming Cap During Meal Times!

Meal times are now mess times for Baby. She wants to eat on her own and you know how a 1.5 year old feeds herself right? Food will be flung everywhere and stuck everywhere – her hair, her scalp (which is the hardest to clean, unless you wash her hair), her clothes, her highchair, the table, the floor and everywhere that’s within a few metres away from her highchair! Wiping her highchair and floor are still manageable but washing her hair again after her lunch is so ma fan. Baby C is one baby who hates to bathe, especially when her hair is washed. So I had a bright idea the other day and fished out Aly’s swimming cap and put it on Baby!

Baby now dons on this cute Minnie Mouse swimming cap when she eats her lunch… and boy does she look cute in the cap.  With this cap, she can touch her head all she wants with her oily hands as I only need to wash the cap, which gets dried pretty quickly. 

See how much she loved the fried mee hoon. I took her bowl away from her and she began to waaaaaaaaah……. *evil mummy*

In the bowl is fried mee hoon with tomato sauce, pork, eggs and veggie, all cut up into tiny bits.  She loved them to bits!

BTW, Baby is now ambidextrous. She holds the spoon, pencil, toys, etc with both her hands equally well. I’m curious to know if she’s a leftie or a rightie.

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9 thoughts on “Baby C Wears Swimming Cap During Meal Times!

  1. See, she eats well enough! Don’t worry abt hand-dominance; it’s not established till abt age 5. It’s great if she is ambidextrous!

  2. She looks so cute in Alycia’s swimming cap. My little girl also started to feed her self around this age, and I remember the horror of having to wash her up after each meal, then after washing her, I had to clean up the dinner table, her highchair, the floor, etc etc….just about anything that had bits and pieces of food….

    That was really a very difficult time for me……and I have no maid, then and now……so….it’s ‘yat keuk tek'(=one leg kick= gotta do everything by myself). NO FUN!!

  3. this is so funny!!! luckily baby c is willing to wear the cap. now, you hv 1 less headache *haha*

    shan rae has yet to request to eat on his own yet. i dread the thought of him messing up while eating 🙁

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