London Blanket’s Falling Down

Nothing makes Baby happier than playing with her 2 jie jies and their favorite is playing ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ with their blankies. 

In the past, I never allowed my 2 older girls to play or jump on their beds but when you have 3 kids, controlling them would be really out of hand. Kids, the moment they are out of your radar, they will instantly transform into little wayward monsters! Cane them each time they jump on the bed? That will be like canning them 10 times a day, not good right? Sigh…. so I just let them be, close both my eyes and let them jump all they want.    But if their feet are black or have food in their hands, I’ll go berserk and charge them right away!

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16 thoughts on “London Blanket’s Falling Down

  1. the 2 elder jie-jie jump still ok, can take care of themselves, just gotta be cautious of baby lor…
    not to scare u lar…i see the window grille hor, it reminds me how my (then) baby sean jumped on the bead, fell & knock on the grille….made him lost 1 tooth….*sob* !!

  2. why not ask them play on the floor lay with foam floor pads…it will be much safer for all…sometime as we not watchful enough accident just happen…

    *sad* One of my church kid age 5 girl, play swing at playground who try to stop her sis from swinging high, got hit and fall coz her left hand bone broken..her mum chatting away with neighbor at playground too…only realised when she cried and not there to watch just think that the girl is big enough..

  3. hahahahaha i will never allow that in my house. in the hotel bed yes..can jump all he wants. hmm maybe i got 1 as u said…1 child = strict. more children = close 2 eyes

  4. Woohoo ….. it looks so fun and the most interesting is, they do not need to wait until their friends come over then only can play this game 🙂 As long as someone keep an close eyes on them then it should be fine to let them have fun once in awhile 🙂 It’s better then having them to do other dangerous stunts which kids are really creative when comes to that 😛 😛

  5. Parents always get things all wrong!

    It is not about danger of falling down from the bed.. The crucial part is the discipline. Children must be taught that there are a place for everything and that includes jumping on the bed. All the jumping will make the bed dirty and not forgeting spoiling the spring inside. And sleeping on such bad can result in a lot of bodily injuries as they are still growing.

    It is easy to discipline kids and it does not necessarily always have to be with cane and lots of screaming and shouting. Most of the time children response very well to simple talking. Of course, for such talking to be effective, the child has to accept and acknowledge that you are the authority. If the child doesnt see you as the order giver, he/she wont be bothered to listen to you.

    As for how do you have authority over your kids? It is all about bonding and respect. I should know since I have 4 boys and they are all very well behaved. I have never had any complaints about my boys and everyone is happy to sit in taking care of them if I need to go out without them.

  6. hehe that reminds me and my sliblings playing together at night! we used to bolster fight too. Happy just to think about it now. I am sure the girls had so much fun now they will smile when they think about it when they are older. 🙂

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