Math – Too Difficult For 6-Year Olds?

Once again, do you think these equations are a tad too difficult for 6-year olds? Do note that the boxes are everywhere in the equations and I think that this is confusing the child coz sometimes they need to subtract and sometimes add in order to get the answer for the box.  I explained the basics/rules to Alycia but I don’t know if she remembers.

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17 thoughts on “Math – Too Difficult For 6-Year Olds?

  1. Too difficult and abstract for a 6 years old.

    Don’t get the point as why the this particular chain kindy has so tough syllabus, as when the kids go to Standard 1, they won’t be doing this yet. The children will get demotivated, be it those who can follow, when they reach Standard 1, they find the Standard 1 syllabus too easy, or those who can’t quite understand the concept at this stage, they feel bad as they can’t do the sum.

  2. wow! difficult for me too! hahaha…this is one of the reasons i do not wanna send my children to those renowned kindy. Std 1-3 will be very boring to them later.

  3. Geez definitely too difficult for a six year old kiddo. Must be very stressful to explain to her and the same time wondering she understand the equations rules or not.

    Now studies getting harder for our kids generation compare to our time.

  4. Peeps… I forgot to mention that I needed a calculator next to me for me to get the answer. With that answer, I had to think of a way to explain to Alycia how to go about to get the answer.

  5. Wow…those are way to difficult for pre-school. My 7 years old daughter only started to do them in school…which kindy is that? Is it F**G***?

  6. way too difficult. How did you explain to her???? It’s just pre-school, let they have some fun playing, rather than stressing on solving difficult math equations. They still have many years of schooling ahead of them.

  7. Wow, really challenging to solve even for the parents! My 6 yr old son’s kindy uses F*G*** system but the syllabus are a lot more simpler. He is learning something like this: 6 + ( ) = 16.

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