Our Monday

Today is a holiday for Aly and Sher’s pre-school.  The hubs had to leave for work very early in the morning.  So this meant no jogging or gym for me.  Instead, I brought my 3 girls for a walk from our condo to the nearby stalls to get some soy bean milk – a bottle each for the girls.  Lately, Baby seems to hate her Pediasure milk.  Well, she has never liked it but the past few days, she would puke the moment I’d finished feeding her.  She would also turn her head away from the spoon.  2 days ago, when I gave her some soy bean milk, she liked it. What a relief! Lately, she seems to have zilch appetite for food or milk, EXCEPT for tasty, salty food and of course mummy’s boobies, sigh!  Yesterday I added 1 scoop of Pediasure Vanilla into 3 ounces of soy bean milk and she drank it without much fuss, thank God!

After getting the soy bean milk, the girls played for a short while at the playground.  We would have loved to stay longer but the mozzies were feasting on us though we had sprayed mozzie repellent everywhere. Back home, it was business as usual for me – yelling at the kids, nagging them and chasing Baby who was climbing everywhere.  No luck putting her into her cage coz she could climb out in a jiffy *wipes sweat from forehead*

We ate buckwheat pancakes for lunch (frozen and reheated in the toaster) which I had made the other day.   Tonight I’m cooking chives with minced pork again, cooked ala Taiwanese style.  I’m hooked on chives ever since I tasted this chives dish at Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant several weeks ago.

Being a SAHM is one of the toughest jobs God had ever created.  My days are spent feeding, washing, cooking, yelling, coaching, etc. to no end.  There’s no MC, no paid leave, no bonus, no fringe benefits.  I want to go back to work!!   But when I think carefully and weigh the pros and cons, I think this is just not feasible or possible…. for at least another 3 years.   And I know I’ll most likely miss my girls like crazy again, like I used to, if I ever have to leave them at the sitter’s or at the daycare center.Here are some pix of my 3 brats at the playground. It was Baby’s second visit to the playground.

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9 thoughts on “Our Monday

  1. Baby C looks so big in the photos. No more a baby huh? Yes, SAHM is the toughest job in the world with no leave or sick leave whatsoever 🙁 Hey, since Baby C likes soy milk…you can continue to buy it for her and add the pediasure in it 🙂 how much do you let her drink in a day? a whole bottle?

  2. Barb… Baby takes about 10 ounces of soy bean milk a day. This baby of mine easily gets bored with food and drinks except mummy’s milkie. I hope she will find interest in Pediasure again.

    Michelle… Actually I can’t do it too but I have no choice!

    Agnes… Where do you get the organic soy milk with Oligo? Organic shop?

    SimpleGirl… thanks!

  3. Shireen, I am a FTWM. My youngest is already 3 yo. My husband and I feel a bit free and easy now. He started to urge me to have the 3rd one, and he told me to stop working after having the 3rd one. I am a bit hesistated. So difficult for me to decide, as I feel pretty comfortable with my life now, but I also scare of having regret in future.

  4. Ya man… giving up our jobs to be a SAHM is not an easy task. I stop saying it’s a sacrifice anymore. It’s a PRIVILEGE. Because let’s face it, not all women who wants, can afford it. And seeing our little bundle of joys grow, and being so involved in this process… it’s indeed a PRIVILEGE.

    Btw, I give soy milk to both my kids instead of cows milk. Vic takes Unisoy (Singapore brand)’s organic soy milk without cane sugar. They come in instant sachets and you can buy them from Jaya33’s Grocer’s.

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