Terror Baby

Does Baby look like someone who had recently gone through 2 surgeries in 2 weeks?

Baby now hates to be caged up in her playpen. Unless she’s put in front of the tellie with her favorite VCDs played or have some toys that can marvel her, she will climb out of the playpen like a cat with her legs clawed to the side netting. And she can successfully climb her way out with some huffing and puffing when she pushes herself up, without any fear for she knows mummy is freaking scared…. and will wait with both her hands to catch her. My oh my, this fler is really manipulative, just like her #2 jie jie. She gives me such heart-stopping moments the whole day.

Aly and Sher’s former nanny and my mum always shake their head and ask me why my 3 girls are such terrors. Always restless, always moving their body, always whining (#2), always yelling and throwing tantrums and so rebellious. Why, why, tell me why are they such terrors? Must be all the hormone jabs and tabs that I took when I was carrying them. I hope not.

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13 thoughts on “Terror Baby

  1. active and healthy children lo. My boy hates to be in the playpen so much, every time I put him there, he would cry his lungs out, as if somebody is torturing or slaughtering him. So he ends up in the kitchen with me.

  2. hahaha your 3 girls sound like my 3 boys although I’ve yet to see how brad will turn out, but as it is, he is pretty fierce already!! I think I would rather have such spirited kids than the calm, boring ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. they are boisterous, happy and healthy.. it’s a blessing (although back breaking and nerve wrecking)
    i never got to put Amber in a playpen, even though mine was a baby cot converted and twice the size. She’ll cry as if being slaughtered like a chicken. LOL !

  4. baby c seems pretty ganas when trying to come out from the playpen. anyway, shan rae also sama sama. cannot sit still… not even any tv prog can make him sit still ๐Ÿ™

  5. The reason is simple SHIREEN…that’s because they are very normal’ . At times i feel very stresssed out by them being sooo hyper & forever “yacking, running here & there, messing around” but when i recall the quite , near motionless & lie & sit still kind of kind who come for therapy in my department ..I could only say Praise to God for the blessings of having my 4 boisterous, hyper & “cant sit still” kids(when there are soooo many hopeful parents who cant even conceive one child”.

    Time will soon come when u & FT will be left alone at home enjoying ur retirement when your 3 beauties follow their own path in life! Enjoy the precious , noisy moments now.

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