My Independent Little Rascal

Alycia and Sherilyn are both pretty independent. They prefer to do things like taking their shower on their own, choosing their clothes themselves, choosing their own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery, washing up after pee and poo on their own, than having kakak or me helping them. As for Sherilyn, she even cuts her finger nails and toe nails on her own lately. I feel bad whenever I see her cutting her nails on her own with my huge nail-clipper. It all started when she kept asking me to trim her finger nails about a month back. She kept complaining that her finger nails were very long and sharp and asked me to help her trim them. I told her ok, ok, ok but as always, I was too caught up with other chores and had soon forgotten to attend to her finger nails. Then one day, I saw her doing this :

I went closer to check how she was doing and was really impressed that she could trim her finger nails really well. She could trim them neatly without cutting her skin. She even knew how to lay a piece of toilet paper on the table to collect the trimmed nail, with a back scratcher on top of the toilet paper to prevent the paper from flying away! But the guilt I felt was pretty corrosive… that I had neglected this rascal #2. But I looked at it on the bright side. She has grown into a very independent girl. She could even administer the Ventolin through the Aero Chamber on her own with me standing next to her when she had a bad bout of cough with lots of phlegm recently.

I think this Princess Wannabe is going to grow up to be someone who is really independent, pig-headed, bossy and pernickety one day. She’s another cili padi!

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12 thoughts on “My Independent Little Rascal

  1. She’ll grow up to be one fine, capable and smart lady. Being a middle child, she never had a 1 to 1 time with you, that’s why she’s always doing things that demands your attention. I really like her,, I think she’s cool and smart… 🙂

  2. wah…she is very good! I think girls are much better at this, seeing that they like to do manicures..etc. Boys? They can’t be bothered to cut their nails…more interested in dirtying them!

  3. Hey there 🙂 I’ve been following your blog. I really like reading blogs like yours where you account the childhood days of your kids. I think its very sweet and thoughtful of parents who do so. In fact, I think this is just what I am going to do next time. Right now I have a private one for me and my other half.

    Your daughters are just so brilliant and adorable 🙂 Keep writing. Many years down the road, we’ll see your girls all grown up and then maybe we can read about their life as preteens 🙂 Good job mom!

  4. she’s really neat, having that tissue paper lined up. i’ll jst cut mine over the dustbin! 😀

    i actually wish rye li can cut her own nails coz cutting kids’ nails are no joke esp when they don’t like to sit down quiet. i find this a total chore every week and dread this time but someone has got 2 do the dirty work.

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