Wholesome, Tasty And Fast-To-Fix Lunches

Whenever I run out of lunch ideas, sandwiches and toasts will always be served and they are a great hit with my 2 older gals too. Here’s what we had this week:

Tuna and hard boiled kampung chicken (free range chicken) eggs all mashed up and mixed with a heap of Philadelphia Light cheese spread, in replacement of the fattening mayonaise.  I had forgotten to chop up some raw cabbage to add into the mixture.  Raw cabbage in that tuna-egg-cheese combination tastes good, like coleslaw.

Then splatter the yummy tuna-eggs-cheese spread on 2 slices of walnut-wholemeal toasted bread and cut into triangles. Insert a slice of cheese and some cool Japanese cucumbers. Yums, Alycia loved this and said that it tasted as good as the ones from restaurants.

And this was my lunch on another day :

Bolognaise meat sauce on a slice of multi-grain-seed toast, sprinkled with some grated Parmesan cheese. So yummy! It tasted like a cross between pizza and canape.

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