More Hard Rock Hotel Penang Pix

Baby playing with the water from the water fountain.

Looks like Baby has overcome her phobia of the sea.  The first time we brought her to the beach half a year ago (after her surgeries), she bawled and was paralyzed with fear. Now, she’s raring to jump inside. When daddy carried her a few metres away into the sea, she did not whine a wee bit.

Rascal #2 and #3 happily building sand castles.

In front of Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Happy eve of Christmas eve everyone. I’m off to Jusco again to shop for more X’mas gifts today.  Yesterday, rascal #1 and #2 tagged along with me when I went shopping at Jusco.  Baby stayed at home with my mum and the maid and hubs had gone back to KL.  I shall blog about my first experience shopping with rascal #1 and #2 tomorrow (just the 3 of us), so stay tuned!

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11 thoughts on “More Hard Rock Hotel Penang Pix

  1. wow…Shireen, how come u are not in bikini?

    i saw the cendol u posted….so wasted we could not find that stall on our visit. really nice ah?

    also, the hotel room seems small hor compare to northam. but the water play is surely fun for everyone.

    sorry for commenting all in here.

  2. wow…wow wow.. nice outing at HRC. Baby C is so daring at the beach n pool. It took a lot of effort from us (family) to probe Philip to like the beach, pool,etc

  3. I didn’t let my kid to play at the beach. My friend told me that there’re jelly fish and her friend’s daughter got attacked by it…only played sand at the pool. 🙂

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