Updates On Baby C’s 1st Post-Surgery Ultrasound Scan

Baby had her first post-surgery ultrasound scan of her kidneys today. She is required to have an ultrasound scan every 6 monthly for the first 2 years after the surgery and thereafter once a year until she turns 12 years old! What a loooooong time! She is also required to have a DMSA scan of her right kidney in 1.5 year’s time to check the function of her right duplex kidneys. Anyway, the ultrasound scan today showed that the muscles surrounding her right duplex kidneys look good. This normally suggests that the kidneys are growing and our doctor was optimistic on the pictures of the scan.

As regards her weight, which I had highlighed to the doctor as I have been quite worried that her weight seems to be climbing up pretty slowly, our surgeon is not at all concerned. Baby only weighs a pathetic 9kg at 20 months old. He reassured us that Baby is thriving as she looks pinkish and healthy. He said that I cannot expect her to be ‘big’ as both hubby and I are not ‘big’, especially me. After what she had gone through for the first 14 months of her life, I cannot expect her to be chubby. He would prefer Baby to be petite than ‘big’ and obese.

I was really amazed that Baby could remember the X-ray department vividly though her traumatic experience had past 6 months.   She was bubbly and cheery the whole day but the moment we brought her to the X-ray department, especially the dimly lit ultrasound scan room, she freaked out, whimpered and ran away. From a bubbly, active child, she instantly transformed into a passive, frightened child who clung on to me like a koala bear, refusing to let go an inch.  She had an expressionless look on her face and nothing we did could bring a smile on her face. She was paralyzed with fear and looked exactly like how she looked like during her 3 weeks nightmarish stay in the hospital in May this year. 

My poor frightened Baby, with her head on daddy’s shoulder. She was so petrified that she fell asleep on my shoulders.

Before the ultrasound scan started, she was yelling away the moment I tried to place her on the examination bed in the ultrasound scan room. I knew she would resist, so I asked the doctor if I could hold her. Thankfully the doctor said yes and I carried her. When I placed her on my lap, Baby pulled my blouse down and wanted to nurse! I asked the doctor if it was ok to nurse her and she said yes. And so the procedure went quite smoothly with Baby latched on lol… and all the nurses were staring at me lol!

Back at the surgeon’s office, Baby again refused to be placed on the examination bed, so Daddy had to carry her whilst the doctor checked her wounds…. and mummy was busy at work… snapping pix away like a papparazi.

After we left the hospital, we went to the nearby Giant to buy diapers as hubs had forgotten to put the bag of diapers into his car boot this morning. Baby was happy, bubbly and all smiles again, running around Giant and grabbing things.

We will be checking out of Northam Suites tomorrow morning and will be checking into Hard Rock Hotel. Stay tuned for my updates!

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24 thoughts on “Updates On Baby C’s 1st Post-Surgery Ultrasound Scan

  1. poor baby c! i feel for her having to revisit the doc every 6 months. i doubt she will forget the trauma she had. thank goodness the scan came out alright though.

    enjoy ur holidays now baby c! and also to the rest of u! we will see all the smiles again soon. 🙂

  2. So glad to hear baby C is recovering so well. When my dtr had her surgery she had a 6mth followup, and after that was told to call only if there were problems. Thankfully there weren’t.
    I wouldn’t worry abt her weight either as she is eating, being active and meeting all her developmental milestones. But alas, being mums we always want to do more. So, here is further affirmation u are doing a great job!

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