Alycia, The Best Jie Jie Ever

These pix were taken 2 days ago when Baby was down with high fever and was feeling under the weather. She was terribly crabby and edgy and would cry over the slightest things.

After I had dressed Baby up to get her ready to go to the hospital, Alycia zoomed into the room and comforted her baby sister. First she put a nappy over Baby’s body.  Then, she pulled a piece of tissue paper and wiped off the streaming tears on her face.  Baby was beaming and could not contain her joy, that her beloved jie jie was showering her with so much TLC, so much so that she gave me a wide grin a few times amidst her discomfort from the burning fever.

Then, Alycia talked really, really very lovingly to Baby as she stroke her face. Next she got a hair brush and brushed her hair gently… then put on a hair clip for her.  Oh, do check out Alycia’s new short hairstyle.  Her teacher kept reminding her to trim her hair on the second day of school!

Baby wailing away in the hospital. But she has been really, really brave and tough. See the heart shaped blouse on Baby? That’s Baby’s favorite. She always pulls this blouse out from the drawer whenever we tell her that we’re going gai gai. I got this blouse for her from Mothercare for her 1st birthday last year.

Get well soon Baby Girl.  I pray to God that this will be your last UTI attack.

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11 thoughts on “Alycia, The Best Jie Jie Ever

  1. so sum tung to see the last pic. alycia is so sweet!!! i will be in tears if i see how alycia sayang mei mei 😀 she is definitely the best jie jie ever!

  2. Poor Baby. I hope that she will get well soon and won’t ever get another attack. Maybe you should get her the same heart shaped blouse but in a bigger size for when she outgrows this one since she likes it so much.

  3. it’s truly a blessing to have an older sibling who loves and takes care of the younger one so lovingly. whenever vic is like this to william, i feel so at ease and happy… but lately they have been at loggerheads more often.

  4. Alycia is such a loving jie jie. It’s so heart warming to see her wiping Baby C’s tear. Baby C is so lucky to have her. I want a jie jie too.

    Have a speedy recovery, baby C.

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