Deep Freezing Fried Vermicelli

I always cook large portions of spaghetti and pasta and deep freeze them for Baby. The other day I cooked a big pot of fried vermicelli and decided to try deep freezing them. I had never before tried deep freezing fried vermicelli and I am glad that I experimented doing so, as the defrosted and reheated fried vermicelli tasted just as good several days later.

My fried mee hoon (vermicelli) with mustard green (sawi), chicken breast meat, tofu pok (puffed tofu), lots of chopped garlic and 2 eggs.  My 3 gals love fried mee hoon and this pyrex serving dish of mee hoon is enough for lunch, dinner and 2 portions for deep freezing. 

Does anyone deep freeze fried vermicelli too?  I am a deep freezing health freak mommy. My freezer is filled with frozen food from bread to stews, spaghetti, pasta, soups, unfinished rice and much more. My mum is the champion.  She deep freezes mooncakes, CNY cookies, cakes, durian, strawberries and just about anything that she can think of!

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27 thoughts on “Deep Freezing Fried Vermicelli

  1. i haven’t deep freeze meehoon b4, maybe will try after this. but my mom will deep freeze almost anything too, eg ‘nian kao’ for a year!! coz she has forgotten about it!!! 😛 hahaha

  2. Being able to deep freeze is an important thing for working mums and people with little time on their hands. I always have some meals in the freezer that we can quickly re-heat. I am trying out deep-freezing curry puffs (baked) and see how they pan out.

  3. Charmaine… deep frozen baked curry puffs can be done. Chicken pies (baked) too. My friend sells them and I bought some. They taste really good after being reheated in the oven.

  4. Hui… I make sure that the food is cooled down first (in chinaware or glassware) before storing them in plastic airtight containers. Just don’t put hot food into plastic containers and the fridge/freezer.

  5. yeah, I’m into deep freeze too. The other day, I defrosted some strawberries from camerons, they turned mushy so I cooked them as strawberry sauce for pancakes and panettones.. very nice. I still have some deep freeze chinese meds from my confinement days.. geng mou ?

  6. The less cooking, the more nutrients in the food. Loss of nutrients increase with freezing, and with REHEATING (overcooking!) further loss of remaining nutrients. Ideal is still to eat freshly cooked food instead of cook-freeze-recook. Except for certain dishes like curries I find there is also flavour loss in freeze-reheat.

  7. I deep freeze my ready cooked ingredients .

    Tomato coulis (for pasta and pizza base), broth, pesto, bread dough and even pizza dough freezes well. These ingredients are perfect and easy to store in the freezer; take these out a few hours before cooking and you can (in a jiffy) whip out something that your kids (and adults) cannot resists.

  8. I deep freeze my food all the time like your mom from moon cake to CNY cookies etc…I do that so that when I’m lazy to cook or now when I come home late from work we have dinner. Many people think that deep freezing food you will loose the nutrients but I think there is studies done that it is just a myth..(I’m not sure thought I’ve heard/read it) When you are a busy mom or when you are working you really don’t have the luxury of cooking everyday.

  9. i freeze hayeli’s porridge all the time and it taste alright even after a month or so. lol but she doesn’t like porridge already so i need to start cooking like what you have been for baby c.

  10. I love to deep freeze my food too but too bad, my fridge is rather small (although it’s already among the bigger ones). If I were to do that, I think I need a gigantic freezer ….. your freezer seems big to be able to deep freeze so many stuff 🙂

  11. I freeze quite a lot of stuff too – only sometimes, i forget what i have in the freezer!! I free the girls bday cakes as there are too many bdays in April, and we definitely cant eat all the cake – so yes, we freeze those butter icing cakes too!

  12. Elaine… oh yes, i’ve tried defrosted strawberries once and they were mushy too. My mum deep freezes strawberries to make strawberry jam for us.

    SSBlurQueen… yes, deep freezing cooking ingredients is SO, SO convenient for busy SAHMS and FTWMs. Can hv nice homecooked meals every other day.

    Syn… Baby C hates porridge too 🙁

    Caroline… we have 2 huge fridges at
    home :S

    Melissa… I’m going to google search whether deep freezon food looses nutrients and let everyone know!

    Rina… Oh yes, we deep freeze butter icing cakes too 😀

  13. Somehow I don’t have this habit and just can’t bring myself to eat reheated frozen food. I only believe in eating fresh and not-overcooked food. I’m also a health-freak hehe 🙂

  14. Wow, never knew we can deep freeze so many things. I normally cook things fresh, or at least overnight if I’m in a rush. The only thing I’ve ever freeze are durians (just love them!),breastmilk (precious precious) and stew (just one time cos I didn’t like the thawed taste). Might probably start doing it on the ‘easier’ stuffs like bread I guess.

  15. We freeze pretty near everything here! Seafood, meat, fruits, cooked rice, pasta, pasta sauces etc. I just learned fresh figs can be frozen..bought a whole bag of them from the freezer section for CAD3! Strawberries and most fruits, incl. mango, get mushy, so eat them like an icecube or defrost and add to icecream or pancakes. There is a lazy version for freezer strawberry jam if u want to google need for streilizing jars or boiling.

  16. I seldom deep freeze cooked food but I’ve deep frozen my breasmilk up to 2 mths for our home fridge. Articles mention that if we hv the huge commercial fridge we can freeze the breastmilk till 1 yr. thks for sharing the info & link to the article on freezing food.

  17. I never did this before to freeze cooked food. Even over-night food in the fridge, I don’t feel want to eat them de on the next day. Cookies to freeze? still crunchy meh?

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