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Alycia and Sherilyn goofing around after swimming. Swimming is now Alycia’s favorite past time. After several months of lessons, she can now swim from one end of the pool to another with a swimming board.  She has now overcome her phobia of water.  She is absolutely hooked on swimming now and always tells me that she wants to be a swimmer when she grows up! I’ll see…

Alycia and Sherilyn being reprimanded for strewing bits and pieces of papers on the floor.   I think it’s only fair that they clean up the mess and not tai chi every single chore to the maid. I always tell them “if you want to play, you tidy up. If you want to do craft, you clean up the mess. If you want to eat biscuits, you pick up the crumbs from the floor.  If you spill water, you wipe the floor yourself, we don’t have 10 maids at home!”  

My favorite pandan layered cake and blueberry cheesecake from my favorite bakery – RT Pastry House. This bakery has the widest variety of and mouth-watering cakes, breads, buns and pastries. 

And you know why Sherilyn loves attending ballet lessons? That’s because after her ballet class, daddy will bring her across the dance centre to our favorite bakery to get cakes and buns.

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  1. haha…hope the girls really help with the clean-up & not creating more mess, LOL!
    both the cakes look drooling…
    am glad that babyC is recovering & looking good, thumbs up 😀

  2. haha… i say the same to vic too.. if she wanna play, she tidy up! but we do it together lar. coz she got no mei mei and william is too small to help altho some times he do (bb see, bb do)

  3. Its good to train them from young – easier for us too 🙂
    HOw many lessons do they need before they can swim? Thinking of sending the girls, but am hoping to find a crash course!!! Rowena has slight asthma and the dr says that swimming can help with that.

  4. wow.. i always want to start the swimming lesson for Xandria but thinking of the cool water at the pool, i hold back the lesson.

    Btw, i love the way you teach your children… haha!!

  5. Rina… Alycia needed about less than 10 formal lessons (1/2 hr each) and a few play sessions in the pool with daddy before she was brave enough to swim with a board from one side of the pool to another. Yes, I heard that swimming is good for asthmatic patients.

    Debbie… you can get full body swimming suits – long sleeves and long pants so that your girl wont feel cold. A short sleeved swim suit will also be sufficient. After a few lessons, your girl will get used to the chill water. After swimming lessons, Alycia no longer wants to shower with warm water. She now only wants cold water when she bathes.

  6. ya. good to get them to clean up after themselves. that’s how those families without maids cope. I’m only starting and I sang.. the song ‘congratulations’ to her yday after she picked up her toys.
    my mum made me clean up my own stuff and wash my own clothes. when i sulked she said… it’ll prepare you to be a better housewife next time.

  7. Ian is also hooked on swimming and willing to go to bed early at 9pm so that he can have a dip at our condo pool the next morning (He is in afternoon class). He used to have phobia of water but has since overcome it and I think now it’s the right time to sign him up for a swimming lesson.

    Shireen, how much do u pay for the swimming lessons? Mine here charges RM400 for 10 lessons or until he acquires the swimming skill.

  8. Inspired Mom… the swimming instructor charges us RM35 for each session of half an hour. I think yours is cheaper. If he needs more than 10 lessons to acquire swimming skill, then it’s still RM400?

  9. Yes and each session lasts one hour. The swimming instructor is a Malay. There are other swimming instructors at our condo here, an Angmo lady and the other an Asian lady but I haven’t checked on how they charge yet.

  10. oh i love rt pastry too .. their cakes and buns are out of this world. 🙂
    its good that the kids taking up swimming .. mine still not yet .. still finding the time to. 🙂

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