Scrumptious Hawkers’ Food

2 Sundays ago, we had some scrumptious hawkers’ food from Paramount O&S coffee shop (take-out). I’ve always wanted to eat at O&S coffee shop but with 3 young kids, the idea of sweating it out while digging into the food at a sardine-packed restaurant with dirty loos always turn the idea off me. So whenever I crave for the hawkers’ food (especially the yong tau foo and prawn paste cee cheong fun) from Paramount PJ, hubs will take-out and we all get to eat them at the comforts of our own home.

An assortment of deep fried foo pei (fish paste stuffed tofu sheets) and deep fried wantan.

An assortment of ‘yeong liu’ (fish paste stuffed brinjals, fried tofu, ladies’ fingers and fish balls)

Yong tau foo (fish paste stuffed tofu) and har koh (prawn paste) cee cheong fun. This prawn paste cee cheong fun is by far the tastiest I’ve eaten. The prawn paste is really thick and rich and flavored with bits of peanuts, really gloriously sinful!

Ngau Lam (beef brisket with radish), deep fried lin koa with sweet potato and yam…

Egg tarts and my favorite chicken pie…

Prawn noodles with added pork ribs. This bowl of ‘kar liu’ (extra ingredients) prawn mee cost a whopping RM10! Cut throat or not you say?

Pork vermicelli.

O&S coffee shop is located beside the Caltax petrol station in Taman Paramount.
55 Jalan 21/12
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya

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10 thoughts on “Scrumptious Hawkers’ Food

  1. I agree with you that bringing kids to satin packed eatery is a big challenge, most of the time, stress more than enjoying the food, we do order take out some times. The prawn noodles look delicious! RM10.00 is a bit mahal lah..

  2. I now order the prawn mee without any extra pork ribs because, like you, i didnt expect a whooping RM10/= for just 3 pieces of spare ribs. I love the fish(head) noodles and the char koay teow too. Come to think of it, everything is nice from O&S.

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