Fake Or Original Crocs? (Part II)

When I went to the pasar malam last week, I saw the man peddling his Crocs shoes at the side of the road again. I did not have intention of buying but my hands were itchy, so I took a look. What caught my eyes were this pair of white Hello Kitty Crocs with the picture of Hello Kitty in pretty pastel colors.  They were so cute and I’ve always been a fan of Hello Kitty, since I was in primary school.  I searched the right size for Baby and she looked so cute in the cute Hello Kitty Crocs.  The best part was it only cost RM15 a pair!  So without any second, third or fourth thought like I would have if it were original Crocs, I quickly bought it.

Alycia also chose a pair of purple color Crocs. I think the color is just too gordy and suits a boy more but this girl likes boy stuff and hates girly, cute and pinky stuff, sigh…..

Then this pair of heels caught my eyes and after trying it on, which looked nice on me, I bought it too, coz it only cost RM35! My pair of original pink and white Crocs wedge which I bought last year cost me a whopping RM169 and that stupid original Crocs (which was made in China) would cost me painful blisters each time I wore them, aargh!!!

So you think these Crocs are original or fake? I think they are fakes though they look so original.

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18 thoughts on “Fake Or Original Crocs? (Part II)

  1. i guess fake or original doesn’t matter as long as u feel gd abt it. i bought another pair of crocs for shan rae at the recent crocs warehouse sales. it is rm50. i think its worth paying coz he wears it almost every day, as his day-to-day slippers *hehe*

  2. i got my fake one as well…but it’s not nice to wear…after walking for long distance, my foot was “pain” la….
    but we can always go for fake ones for fashion, mix and match…which cannot wear for comfort ya…this is my opinion

  3. u try to check on the tag, see whether is there any size printed there. fake crocs won’t have the size info printed on the tag.

    but anyhow, that hello kitty is so cute as i always admire it whenever i pass by crocs shop. But if I see it with that price, will surely grab 1 for my gal also lah. now she’s wearing a fake crocs-a-like shoe too, bought from tesco. But she almost trip herself while walking with it. even myself experienced the same too, with the original crocs. sometimes kinda worry wearing it.

  4. coincidently, ashley got a pair of the hello kitty one on sunday at the market 🙂 hey, becareful of the heeled crocs. i think it is rather uncomfortable and may cause blisters too. i bought a wedge one and it gave me blisters 🙁

  5. Hello Kitty is nice…I bought an original ones for my girl and its expensive…and I like yours heeled crocs too..do inform us whether its nice to wear?

  6. Hubby bought the same fake hello kitty crocs for Elyssa about a month ago. She has been wearing it almost daily since. I think it was a good buy! (when I first saw the fake, I thought it was a bad fake since the kitty eyes do not match the holes, but then I went to the original shop and noticed they don’t match either. ha hahh)

    Fake or not, I think as long as it’s soft enough, than it’s ok. But be careful about going up/down escalators with crocs.

  7. Aly’s crocs is quite sporty look, I like that very much, too bad no sizes for my boy..there is pink one too..

    The Hello Kitty one really very cute, but I didn’t buy any. Hop over my blog, I also just bought one for Terry..

    Though it is fake but the quality is so good, why not? roadside one it is definitely fake and I can say is almost 90% like original.

  8. I also encountered this. in USJ the vendor is a Malay lady. and she will swear in front of the customers…if the crocs are fake…my God will punish me… so suddenly she has a pool of loyal customers including me..

  9. lil missy has the same pair, she has 2 in fact, diff colors. and i have one also! hahaha! we love our crockies, wearing it daily, so far comfy, no prob 🙂

  10. I got one pair for RM20 with crocs logo et. al. I saw a few nice designs too but too bad, don’t have my size. No idea whether it is fake or not. I must say, it is very comfy.

  11. Good buy! I’ve been hunting for this HK design too. I will go all out to get the fakes for Chloe cos her feet grow too fast! No point wasting rm100+ for something that she’ll only wear for a few months haha.

  12. it looks sooo real but it is fake because my colleague’s neighbour also sell in pasar malam said it is not real but it looks sooo real…

    cheap…can get more variety to mix around…

  13. nice! you make me wanna go to the pasar malam too as i’ve not been into that taman’s for more than 10 years now. i didn’t know they have moved? no more on that main road?

    anyway, i heard fake crocs are safer than the originals.

  14. they are fake! and i bought one for my girl, same hello kitty. since her feet grow faster, thats why i bought her a fake pair.. 🙂

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