Guess What This Is

Can anyone guess what these are?

I saw these for sale at a mini market near where I stay. These are only available for sale before and during CNY. Some markets in PJ sell them too. Initially I thought they were some cheapskate chocolates made in China.  Even at a closer look, they look very much like chocolate coated nuts but they are no where near that.

These are NUTS! The packet of nuts comes with a special metal nut opener for you to price open the shell.   These nuts are crunchy, has a very nutty taste, very delicious, quite expensive and high in calories too. Do you know what nut this is?

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10 thoughts on “Guess What This Is

  1. my mum bought some from her recent China visit, cost her RM20 per kg.. then we saw this again in the local market selling RM18 for 1 packet.. 😀 it’s nice hoh.. 😀 I have been munching on this for CNY.. :p

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