Light, Simple And She Likes It!

One afternoon last week, I was searching for lunch ideas for Baby. All her cooked frozen food in the freezer were utilized and I was too lazy to cook. Plus, I didn’t want Baby to get sick of eating pasta, spaghetti, green tea or buckwheat noodles and fried vermicelli all the time. So I prepared something really simple, nice and light for her, which she really liked:

Chawan Mushi with free-range chicken egg (Japanese steamed egg) flavored with a dash of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Acid, Anlene high-calcium strawberry flavored yoghurt and a small bowl of soup of the day.  Though this may look like a snack rather than a lunch, that’s all my Baby’s tummy can hold.  She has a very tiny tummy and if I ever try forcing more food in, I am rest assured to see her regurgitated food spewing out at the dining table at the end of her meal 🙁

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