Spoilt Rotten By Daddy

My kids are spoilt rotten by daddy. He is a yes-man to his 3 angels while I am always the baddie at home. Rascal #2 cries, fusses, dilly dallies and throws temper tantrums every single morning. Each time she dilly dallies, kakak and I will threaten her that she will not get her hair tied by either one of us. Sometimes she listens to us and sometimes she could not give a damn coz she will always run to daddy, who is always her savior. I will always end up chiding off the hubs for spoiling his girls rotten.

One morning 2 weeks ago, rascal #2 did not get her hair tied up as she misbehaved. She dilly dallied and took almost an hour to gulp down her milk. When she was about to leave the house for school, with her hair untied and uncombed, she whined and complained to daddy that no one tied her hair. Guess what, daddy tied rascal’s hair, though his coiffuring skill sucks big time. I was both burning mad yet wanted to burst out in a guffaw when I saw him struggling with rascal’s bunch of hair LOL!!!

Though steaming mad, I just had to snap this pic. My girls will grow up to love daddy more than me, I just know it.

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9 thoughts on “Spoilt Rotten By Daddy

  1. they will love you still! only when they want things they know you will say NO to, they will go to daddy for sure. lol….

    funny how most men always give in to their girls and make us moms look like stepmoms from hell. i hate it when rye li gets away with things from hubs and gives me that cynical look as if she has won the battle. yes, my dear rascal can be very cunning too. sigh!

  2. Hubs will learn plenty fast not to spoil the kids when he has to spend a few hours with them on his own!! Don’t worry..your girls will appreciate u inspite of being the “baddie”. Kids need to have boundaries and limitations as that gives them security…many people, such as my husb(and yours) can’t tell the difference between loving the kids and spoiling them. My kids are older now and they will still always come to me to talk things over and they know dad is unable to. Hang in there with the tough love…u are doing the right thing. Challenge hubs to handle the kids on his own and u go out and relax!!

  3. It is excellent that your husband plays a part in your daughter’s life. I read somewhere that daughters who have their daddy’s love and attention tend to be very confident and secure when it comes to romantic relationship and I tend to believe it.

    It doesnt matter if your husband dont do a good job with the hair or that he spoils them.. someone has to discipline and someone has to spoil to balance the scale. And dont you worry about your girls loving their daddy more than you.. it wont happen. You are their primary care and love giver.. they will always love you first and more. It is just that they may take you for granted and not molly you.

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