What Soap Do You Use On Your Kids?

I used to buy Johnson & Johnson, Anakku and Pureen’s range of body shampoo for my kids. Ever since my 2 older girls are capable of bathing themselves without any adult supervision, they have been using a LOT of body shampoo. They can even finish a bottle of 750ml body shampoo in less than 2 weeks, which is really a lot. Kids being kids, they would use the body shampoo to make bubbles (sometimes so much that the entire bathroom floor would be covered with suds after their bath!), wash and scrub the bathroom tiles and floor and Lord knows what else they did with the body shampoo. I’ve been telling hubby that perhaps the girls are eating the body shampoo as some of the shampoos are fruit and yoghurt flavored! I also find that some of the body shampoos are drying their skin very much. Another reason that’s making me feel very uncomfortable is that most of these body shampoos have SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) in them.

Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent. Although SLES is considered safe at the concentrations used in cosmetic products, it is an irritant similar to other detergents, with the irritation increasing with concentration.

Recently, I banned my 2 older girls from using liquid body shampoo and replaced it with Johnson & Johnson’s bar soap. From my own survey, most bar soaps do not contain SLS, thus you will notice that there ain’t much suds when in contact with water. SLS aside, I find that using bar soaps much, much more economical.

What type of soap do you bathe your kids with?

The different types of soaps my kids and I are using now. 

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19 thoughts on “What Soap Do You Use On Your Kids?

  1. I have a BIG collection. Annakku, Pureen , J&J Soothing collection, Halos & Horns (shampoo, 2 in 1, bath), Oilatum,, Eubos, J&J Shampoo. I’m a sucker for all these products.. and Amber loves to pump n waste the shampoo. Now, I let her play w a bar soap while I bath her using the more expensive bath shampoo.

  2. My kids when young had sensitive skin…so only Dove or anything unscented like Neutrogena or Aveeno. My dtr can use anything now but still likes Aveeno. If it is available, get Sorbolene body wash( or lotion); comes from Aust and very cheap and oh-so-good. Here’s an idea to control the amt of soap the kids use..put a tiny squirt onto a nylon puff or loofah…goes a loo-o-ng way. Got to be careful if they are soaping up the shower..can be slippery!
    A word of caution abt baby slings/pouches..there is a recall on now as there have been reports of 5 incidents with infants.

  3. From birth I have tried Cetaphil, and then Eubos and then Pureen (din liked that coz it’s very drying) and now Johnson & Johnson. Same lar, Vic wants to wash the tiles and floor with soap and shampoo, I can’t stop her so I gv her the cheap hotel shampoos instead, hehehe.

  4. We use J&J at home for him & I use Dove. Maybe its time to change hor?

    And health freak mom, may I ask what milk powder is good for a toddler who does not like to eat solids? My boy is 3 and he is refusing even one scoop of rice for the past week. Im getting nervous on this.

  5. Family First…. Pediasure Complete is specially formulated for fussy eaters and those under weight. Baby C is on Pediasure now. It’s very sweet and I dilute it for her.

  6. J&J head to toes when they’re babies. Now they’re using a goat milk body shampoo that i bought from isetan. i love that goat milk body shampoo but i can’t find them anymore… so gonna switch to J&J PH balance body shampoo once the goat milk one runs out.

  7. Ohhh… I’m a fan of J&J, checked already…it does contain SLS, but on top of J&J I use Cetaphil on their skin, so I think it would be ok. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, have a nice weekend!

  8. 750ml for me and Terry can use few months…

    I have been knowing all this SLES since long ago…for myself, I still be using anything from the shelf, but for Terry will gets those slightly better one like goat milk shower foam from Cosway, Anakku, J&J, but true enough those also contains that. Will look out others body shampoo soon with less chemical like Cetaphil, Eubos and etc…

  9. I have tried many brands of shower gel for my girls but never use soap bar before. I now let them choose what they want to try but will avoid J&J.

    My girls also like to play the shower gel, they ever used almost half a bottle on playing bubbles without souping themselves, making my blood pressure hitting the roof. Now I always remind them not to play it as it costs money.

  10. I use J&J for the kids…but sometimes I use dettol also on them. They switch according to what I use.

    Ya they love making bubbles too…I let them use those soap that I collect from my biz trips so I can control their usage ;). I’ve got bags of these at home since both hubs n me travel alot. Safe my money :0

  11. When the kids were younger, they had sensitive skin so they used Balneum. Now they’re using J&J milk bath. They mostly use J&J prods coz I’m a loyal fan. 🙂

  12. hi, i unaccidently go through ur website since i just search for soya milk maker n hit on ur site.i’m residing in middle east and had almost 16mths toddler n has bad eczema in some season.i used J&J product but it become worst in addition the water here is hard water.at last i tried the mothercare organic top to toe and it works well and with some apply of olive oil.and now his skin is soo supple.

  13. My sons love liquid soap but i realiase liquid soap content SLS and SLES which is hazard to sensitive skin. So, i bought bar soap and switch it to liquid soap using the reciple i got from internet. U need to gratter the bar soap and add the water and bleand it using blender.but u need the consistent level of water and must use mineral water because tap water have cloorin.

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