Bedtime Stories With Granny

My 3 girls LOVE going to their koong koong and granny’s in Ipoh. When they are back in Ipoh, they are spoilt rotten by the ever indulgent grandparents. My dad, he will bring the girls to buy ice-creams, chocolates, junk food and bring them for walks by the hill side to see the old mother goose (which they love, though they were often chased by it!) monkeys and horses. They look forward to cycling on their bicycles and playing in the wading pool. My mum, she will make them kaya, jams, bread, pies, cakes, cookies and do many fun activities with them. One of the activities is reading bedtime stories.

They love being in Ipoh so much that they refused to follow us to Penang during the school holidays recently. My hubs, mum and I had to persuade and bribe Alycia to follow us to Penang!

A tender moment – my mum reading a story book to the girls before bedtime.

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3 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories With Granny

  1. Grandparents sure spoil their grandkids rotten one. 😉

    The girls listened so intently during granny’s story telling session and I am sure they enjoyed their holidays spent with their koong koong and granny.

  2. Awww that’s nice. Made you wish they were in KL yah. Btw read about BBC’s little incident – luckily she is ok. I myself fell off those plastic stool once as the leg folded inwards. Really dangerous!

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