Daddy’s Princess Always

We were about to leave the house for Mid Valley Megamall. My princess wannabe insisted that she had to wear her Princess clogs to match her dress. She even dressed herself to the nines by wearing her favorite necklace that Joshua’s Mummy (the girls’ former Sunday School teacher) bought. She dressed herself up like she were going for a ball LOL! We warned her that she will surely complain of pain when blisters sprout out from her toes but this hard-headed girl turned a deaf ear. Sure enough, when we were all walking from Mid Valley Megamall to the Gardens, she complained that her feet hurt. I told her ‘serves you right for not listening to mummy’ but she always has a white knight to run to for saviour. Her white knight gave her a piggy ride all the way to TGIF where we had lunch, despite him having a bad back.

We were at Bata to get Alycia a pair of jogging shoes and my princess wannabe took the opportunity to try on all the ‘klick klock’ sandals. I told her that she has over 10 pairs of unworn shoes at home and that she cannot buy a pair of new shoes…. but as usual, she persuaded her white knight to get the the klick klock sandas for her. Her prince on white knight agreed without even looking at the price, citing reason that her feet hurt!!! I could only fold my arms and shake my head and roll my eyes that this prince on white knight is spoiling the princess rotten…. again!

Baby was also choosing her favorite shoes and shortlisted a few pairs but we had to say no to her as she has too many hand-me-downs at home.

And Alycia cannot stand her sister for being so vain…. she will never ever wear that pair of klick klock sandals, this pretty girl of mine who has quite a conservative taste in fashion and dislikes everything girlish and pink , sigh…..

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12 thoughts on “Daddy’s Princess Always

  1. hahhaa.. I have to laugh at Alycia expression – she totally cannot tahan how vain her sister is…

    Your hubby is not the only white knight here, mine is also the same, spoilt the girl rotten… I have not blogged about those stuffs that he did for his princess… roll eyes… he doesnt even treat me that good, i tell u.

  2. oh my goodness. Sher oh Sher. she really made me laugh. even i don’t wear klik klok shoes when we go to the mall. Alycia and Sher styles are so different huh? I guess Cassandra will inherit Sher’s klik kloks next time?

  3. My vic is sooo much like alycia… and she likes her sneakers so much (unfortunately it’s not the girly barbie doll kinda sneakers, it’s brown and boyish coz i tot can also hand-down to william next time)… and vic REFUSES to wear skirts, citing mommy and popo and kakak don’t wear!

  4. Can’t blame her – it is a nice pair of shoes. 🙂
    You are like me, I would just tell them ‘ serves you right for not listening to me!!!’

    You can get her to model your collection, when she is older!

  5. Looks like your hubby can’t say no to his little darlings! But this makes you the “bad” one hoh?

    Aly looks so bored in the last 2 photos. Baby C looks as adorable as alwiz!! 🙂

  6. gives me a fuzzy feeling seeing this indulgent father and sai-nai (if you watch taiwanese hokkien drama you will know what this means) daughter. Sher’s looking more and more the little lady. Rather slim too.

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