Sherilyn’s Best Friend

There was a lantern party to celebrate mooncake festival at Sherilyn’s pre-school 2 weeks ago. The pre-school holds this party every year. The kids, their parents and the teachers will walk round the neighborhood holding the lanterns and then there will be a party inside the school. It’s a party that my girls look forward to attend every year.

At the party, I finally met Berlyn in person. Berlyn is Sherilyn’s best friend and I also had the chance to meet Berlyn’s mum and her entire family. It was great chatting with her and talking about our 2 vain pot daughters who call each other very often.

Birds of a feather flock together – see the 2 vain pots?  Will they be best friends forever?   Till today, I still remember my pre-school best friend’s name but we had lost contact with each other for decades. Hmm, time to look for her in Facebook!

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5 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Best Friend

  1. Barb, oh yeah. Alycia’s hair is now so short (damn the silly school’s ruling) and she actually looks funny if I put a clip on her hair :S

  2. Good shot of the vain pair and best friends. Should keep this one for her to look at as a reminder of her first best friend and their friendship.

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