The Tastiest Blueberry Cheese Tarts Ever

My mil made some blueberry cheese tarts the other day and it was really the tastiest, juiciest and freshest blueberry tarts ever, simply irresistible and delicious. It was so nice that the whole batch of tarts were polished off in a day. The pastry was crispy, the cheese filling and fresh cream were not too ‘jai’ and the blueberries were juicy. Oooh, I wish she would bake them again soon! Yesterday she baked a loaf of green tea swiss roll with red bean paste filling and it was really delish too. Today she’s going to bake a loaf of bread with ham, red onion and basil. Can’t wait to try them but darn it, I am guilt stricken as I’d skipped the gym today coz rascal #3 again woke up at 6:30am (again!!) to bug me till no end, sigh….

Are you drooling now?

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16 thoughts on “The Tastiest Blueberry Cheese Tarts Ever

  1. yes, i am drooling ! i can imagine it’ll taste v good with so much fresh blueberries, unlike the ones from the bakery shop with is cream laden n swirled with a tiny bit if blueberry jam.
    you are very lucky !

  2. oh no…i always buy this tarts from the local bakery shops. Very expensive and so little blueberries jam. Your are with REAL blueberries….how envy!!!

  3. much of the berries there. they are so expensive!! shireen, wonder how u stay so slim despite having such a good cook living under one roof with you!

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