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My trip to Penang and Ipoh this time round had been very fruitful. I managed to savor almost everything that was on my ‘to eat’ list, except for the hawkers’ food at Kwong Heng and House of Mirrors @ Ipoh Old Town. This time, we managed to drop by JJ Cakes and Swissroll and grabbed my favorite swissrolls. JJ is well known for their fresh swissrolls. JJ uses only fresh fruits and vegetables for their swissrolls. The maximum shelf life of these swiss rolls is 3 days as preservatives are not added into the cakes. I like the light and fluffy texture and the generous fillings of cream which ain’t too sweet and ‘jelak’.

We bought 2 packs.  One pack consists of 4 different flavors in smaller size for kids – spinach, carrot, pumpkin and banana.  As you can see here, the cakes have generous amount of veggie in them.  The carrot one is very chewy with lots of shredded carrots.  The spinach variety tastes ‘green and leafy’ and I am surprised that Baby liked it.  The pumpkin one is rather bland and the banana variety has a mild banana taste. No flavoring is used we were told.

Another pack of regular size consisting 2 flavors – durian and cempedak.  I like these 2 flavors the best, very aromatic, fluffy and not sweet.  iLike, simply lip smacking!

Baby loved the swiss rolls and gobbled down half a slice of spinach swissroll and half a slice of carrot swiss roll.  I think this is a great idea of concealing veggie in a delish snack for kids!

Check out JJ Swissroll online here :


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11 thoughts on “JJ Cakes & Swissroll, Ipoh

  1. Wow(rolled eyes), spinach swissroll, my 1st time heard of it! Cassandra gave a thumb up for the Swissroll wor, how sweet!^-^ Must give it a try next time when we drop by Ipoh!

    keep well and take care!

  2. mmm.. I love swiss roll… wah.. even got vege swiss rolls.. first time I heard that leh… durian and cempedak swiss rolls… sound heavenly to me… hehehe.. i tot JJ means Jaya Jusco… silly me..

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