Things That Occupy Her

Whenever I am busy with work, Baby will play on her own if her 2 sisters are at school. Some of the things that will keep her occupied are punching papers with a paper puncher, doodling, playing Lego blocks or she will simply climb up to the top of the couch and then slide down as if it were a slide! Sometimes she will bring out the vanity bag and play hairdressing on my hair, at the expense of my precious locks, with gobs of them on the floor after each session! The tellie is another good babysitter but I am not too keen in allowing her to watch the idiot box the whole day. Sometimes she gets so engrossed watching that she will shut her ears to my calls. The same goes with my 2 older girls. I have now set a max of 1-2 hours of TV viewing on school-going days for my girls.

Something that can really hold her attention, for at least half an hour…

Another item that will surely hold this rascal’s attention is the scissors. This fella will climb up on a chair to grab the nail trimming scissors for babies from the top of my shelf, then crawl under the chair or table (when I am busy at work and may not have noticed her) so that no one can spot her. She will then happily cut papers with the pair of scissors!

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4 thoughts on “Things That Occupy Her

  1. Eh, my william also loves to use scissors, but less sneaky than Bb C… hehe. Vic at that age used to be fascinated with hole punchers and would mess up the floor or throw them like snow. I haven’t let William discover the hole puncher yet

  2. Here’s another suggestion and I have used it for my kids….if u can get hole punchers that have diff. patterns eg flowers, stars, apples, cats etc, she can use the diff. shapes to form pictures etc. If she is ok with it, u can give her some childsafe glue to actually paste them onto a piece of paper. When we were young, mother just gave us newspapers to rip up and it occupied us for hours on the train ride from Pg to KL!
    As with mess of the “confetti” on the floor, I think she is now old enough to pick up after herself.

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