Savings For My Girls

2 weeks after CNY ended, we removed the cash from all the ang pow packets that the girls had collected to have them banked into their Savings Accounts.

Daddy in full concentration counting the cash while Baby in full concentration looks on in awe…

The girls collected about RM500+ each and we topped up another RM1k each for them, making a total of RM1,500 for each of them in their Savings Account…

By the time they graduate from secondary school, I am pretty sure that the money in their Savings Account will be enough for a year of their college fee…. while the hubs and I have to continue working hard like dogs to keep topping up our bank accounts for their university fees!

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7 thoughts on “Savings For My Girls

  1. Good mommy and daddy!! I have to admit, (hang head in shame) that I have kept the kids angpows (CNY, birthdays, etc) for more than 3 years and not opened them until last year. This year’s CNY angpows still untouched…maybe 2 more years then I open them… haha

  2. As I don’t bank in money for my kids on a monthly basis, what I do is I will bank in all their angpows, be it from CNY, birthdays, fullmoon or whatever la into their bank account and then I will top up the bank account to the max (kiddy accounts usually have highest interest for the 1st RM50k) so they can generate good interests on a monthly basis.

  3. Good to save early. I usually keep the kids money in FD……will topped up every year……..hopefully, they will have a lum sum for their edu years later.

  4. Good mommy! I do a monthly saving on Unit Trust for both my kids. The bank interest rates now is too low so till now i haven’t opened any bank account for him πŸ™‚

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