Our Pleasant Saturday

It was indeed a very pleasant Saturday for me simply because my prayers were granted. Today we left the house very early for the Immigration Dept. to renew our passports. After we left the Immigration Dept., we went to collect Alycia’s report card. I did not expect to be greeted with such pleasant writings on the report card as I knew that many of Alycia’s classmates are better than her academically. Plus I had not been doing daily revision with her. It was the mere 2-3 hours on the eve of the exam that I did a speedy revision with her. Getting a placement of 5/39 is more than I had expected from my precious baby πŸ™‚ If you have been following my blog, you will know why Alycia is termed as my ‘precious baby’.

Alycia’s teachers have nothing but praises for her, which made my head so heavy I almost tripped and fell when I left the chair muahahahahaha! Alycia’s teachers commented that she should work towards getting into the top class but frankly, I am really not too keen that she be placed in the top class for I know that being labeled as the cream of the crop, the expectations on her will be very high, which will ultimately place a lot of stress on me (albeit not on Alycia who is as cool as a cucumber).

Outside the Immigration Office, after having our pictures snapped…

At American Chilli’s to celebrate Alycia’s victory πŸ™‚

Daddy bought Alycia some Leonida’s chocolates to reward her. Plus he may reward her with an iPad2!

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11 thoughts on “Our Pleasant Saturday

  1. Aly’s doing so well — academic-wise and behaviour-wise. Everyone’s so proud of her. Wat a wonderful reward from Daddy. She def deserves it. Keep up the good work, girl!

  2. Congrats Alicia!!
    I agree with u that the teachers a kinda pushy. Being in the top 1/2 of the class is A-OK by me! The most important thing is the child learns, is able to socialise and has a sense of pride of his/her work, and self-esteem. Marks are marks, there is more to school life than that. I am a totally un-Tiger-Mum, although we have to recognize her cub got accepted into both Harvard and Yale!! I have long ago recognize my kids will only get to those campuses as tourists!!

  3. Well done Alycia!

    There are indeed a lot of pressure and high expectation on students in the top classes. Able to enter into top class is one thing, be able to maintain and stay there is another. I can feel the immersed pressure that Crystal has gone through in her last exam. Her result has dropped a little and teacher told us that in order to remain in the 1st top class she has to do better in the coming exams. She was very down for many days and we have to comfort her, told her that it is perfectly OK to be out from the top class.

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