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It was raining just now and still is. While having lunch of mushroom soup pasta, rascal #2 asked me this question while staring at the top of the huge rainforest trees that can be seen from the 5th floor of our unit. Very often huge bee hives and perhaps bird’s nests on the trees can be seen from our unit.

Sherilyn – mummy, is bird’s nest sticky?

Me – huh? what do you mean? No, I think they are not sticky. (I thought she meant the edible bird’s nest).

Sherilyn – then how come birds’ nests stay on the tree during heavy rain? They must be sticky and stick to the tree.

Me – errr, good question. I am not too sure too.

How do birds’ nests stay on trees even after a heavy downpour? Rascal #2 had just asked a very good question which I need an answer too. LOL!! Anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Good Question

  1. What an inquisitive mind!! Birds can fashion nests from bits of twigs, leaves, bits of paper, dryer lint etc. We just had some morning doves built a nest right outside my kitchen window, well-hidden in the ivy on the patio fence. It was really fun to watch them except we had to keep the cats indoors till the babies flew away. Bird nests are indeed an engineering feat.

  2. i thot it was. birds use their saliva to make their nest stick. birds’ nest soup isn’t really bird’s’s more their saliva, isn’t it?

  3. My answer would be:

    Mommy birds are most wise and intelligent. They protect their babies by building their nests, nice and strong with many twigs and soft brown leaves, in the safest and most sheltered spots in the tree where the wind and rain can’t dislodge the nest with her precious eggs or baby birds…

    Just like human mommies who take good care of their babies with good nutritious food and vitamins and plenty of hugs and kisses to keep them healthy and happy. Wise mommies also keep their children safe from harm by bad strangers and by not letting their kids hurt themselves with dangerous activities.

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