My Precious Baby… and An Unforgettable Journey

Before my girls came along, I told God that I would do anything for Him if only He could grant me a child. I was desperately longing for a baby but faced so much problems trying to conceive and sustain a pregnancy. I was often on the verge of crying after attending full-moon parties thrown by my friends. The hubs and I spent over a year in full-swing on our ‘baby project’. On our very first visit to the fertility specialist’s office, the doctor did a scan of my ovaries. We did not plan to perform an IUI so soon. It was supposedly a mere consultation and to seek advice. But after the first scan, our doctor was very excited and told us that he saw a nice round egg sitting in my ovary. Woohoo, so he did what was necessary – hormone jabs, hormone suppositories and hormone oral tabs were prescribed. I dutifully took all those and I think about a week later, went to the gynae’s office to have the procedure done. But all was not rosy on the day of the IUI procedure. Our doctor shook his head in disappointment after analyzing the hubs’ little swimmers. I will never forget his words when he walked into the Procedures Room. He said this solemnly to me  :“only 3% are good”. I was lying on the bed, getting ready for the procedure but his words dashed my hopes. Nevertheless, I prayed fervently that lots of miracles would happen. Only a miracle could make the 3% good little swimmers find their ways and embrace the one precious little egg, that was about to make its descend in the next few hours or so.

Long, long story cut short. Miracles did happen to me. God answered my prayers. Alycia my first miracle was born 8 months later. She was an extremely precious baby to all of us. Though we could not afford an expensive baby nursery for her, she was nonetheless given the best of every other thing in her life, up until today. Alycia will always have a very special place in my heart and I am forever thankful to Him for giving her and my 2 other angels to me.

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8 thoughts on “My Precious Baby… and An Unforgettable Journey

  1. Oh never know you went through all this. Luckily He heard your pray. Now you not only 1 miracle but 3 of them. Hmm I do wish the miracle will happen to my close friend soon. Not greedy, 1 is enough for her.

  2. “I told God that I would do anything for Him if only He could grant me a child.”
    I’m curious.. so what did you do in thanksgiving that God gave you 2 more babies?!! Do tell us the story so as to inspire other desperate wanna-be moms.

  3. I understand how you felt. I was even more desperate than you, after having tried (and failed) for nearly 5 years. I finally conceived Chloe after going through a year of TCM treatment. Our little miracles are indeed very, very precious gifts from God! 🙂

  4. yes, babies are God’s greatest gifts to us *high 5*
    Your posting reminded me on how I got my precious :0)
    I’m the type have ‘aunty visit’ once in every 2 months, or 3 months if I’m stress. When got married, we’re using precaution. Until on my birthday, we decided to give it ‘a’ try, and that one time we hit a jackpot, you know what i mean *wink wink* I remembered that I was scolding my hubby for faking another red line by drawing on my pregnancy stick….haha

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