More Angry Birds Loot

One reason why I don’t like to go to the Pasar Malam with my hubs or to any shopping mall for that matter is because the 2 older girls will take advantage of their daddy’s softie heart. They would surely ask him to buy them stuff – just about any stuff and the ever yes-man daddy will oblige. The girls don’t even have to pester him, unlike getting things from their mummy. Whenever we are out at the Pasar Malam or shopping mall, none of the girls want to follow me as they know they will not get anything from me. All 3 will stick to their daddy like a leech, sucking him dry!

While I was busy buying fruits at the Pasar Malam 2 Fridays ago, the 3 girls were leeched on to their daddy and this is what they had sucked out from him:

The only thing that I was willing to buy was the Angry Birds shoes for Alycia, which only cost RM12 a pair! What a price to pay for! And because the price is too good to say no to, my girls each have more than 3 pairs of these Crocs look-alike shoes, each with different Disney characters on them.

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3 thoughts on “More Angry Birds Loot

  1. Do you notice that things from pasar mlm is not cheap after all? i like buying too, but i m more worried about the storage. wonder where u find space to store all your girls collection, hahaha!

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