Lunch Box For My Princess Wannabe

My princess wannabe was in a mega good mood when I let her bring this Hello Kitty lunch box which comes with a matching lunch bag to school. Inside the lunch box was fried rice, home cooked. When she came home, she told me that she walloped every grain of rice there was in the lunch box!

But if I were to put this set into Alycia’s school bag, I can be rest assured to hear a roaring “eeeyerrrr mummy, I DON’T WANT this!!”…. followed by never ending whines and complains until the lunch bag is removed from her bag, away from her sight! Sisters they are, but they have polar opposites characters, attitude, likes and dislikes.

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2 thoughts on “Lunch Box For My Princess Wannabe

  1. qiqi hates it when she opens up beautiful food because a lot of her friends will start starring and asking for some. funny girl i have, she just dislike attention, unlike most girls…

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