Video Skyping With Granny

My parents spoil the girls rotten. My girls know it and they take advantage of goong goong and granny’s indulgence by badgering them for things all the time. Now, they do it through Skype video call! Their latest craze is Smurfs and the ever indulgent granny bought the girls each a very cute Smurfs t-shirt.

Granny showing the girls the Smurfs tees that she had bought for them…

Goong goong bought Alycia, my mechanical pencil craze girl one whole box of mechanical pencils. My jaw dropped when I saw the box of mechanical pencils! I had to keep those pencils under lock and key, lest this girl distributes them to her friends like an early Santarina. She has a tendency to give away things to her friends without my permission.

And my mum tempting me with the bottles of pandan kaya that she had made for us.

My parents have been here with us for a week now and very soon we have to say good-bye to them as they will be returning to Ipoh ๐Ÿ™

Happy Sunday everyone peeps! It’s going to be long day for us as we will all be attending Sherilyn’s pre school concert and graduation today.

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7 thoughts on “Video Skyping With Granny

  1. agreed, your parents are so high tech. I was laughing last time as my father said want to learn computer last year. His 1 finger can press 2 buttons instead of 1, hehehe.

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