A Bento Set A Day

Here’s yet another bento set lunch for my girls prepared this week, something that’s quick to prepare and does not need elaborate preparation and cooking.  For busy working mums like me, you can cook a big portion and deep freeze in smaller portions for future consumption.  The Terriyaki chicken strips go well along with rice and noodles.

De-boned chicken drumsticks cooked with Terriyaki sauce, garlic and organic cabbage, Japanese style – on top of a slice of low-sugar wholemeal walnut bread spread with Tesco’s mayonaise made with free-range chicken eggs, mango as starter and chocolate cake for dessert, washed down with a mug of chilled Ribena with Refresh.

I had several tries cooking this Terriyaki chicken recently but the texture of the chicken in the earlier rounds were a pretty dry. This time, I cut the chicken drumstick meat into smaller and thinner strips and marinated them with a little corn flour along with Terriyaki sauce, pepper and a dash of Lea & Perrin sauce. And voila, the chicken meat turned out juicy and very flavourful. Another lesson learned – use chicken drumstick to cook instead of chicken breast. My 2 older fussy pots had no complaints this time 😀

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