No Internet For 3 Days!

And today is only the first day. I just have a hunch that it will drag on even longer as I have totally no confidence in TM after experiencing 8 days of being deprieved of internet, with lots of ‘tai chi’ from their staff and empty promises several years ago.
The problem this time is pretty bad. I was told that the underground cables are damaged.
Waking up in the morning to discover that your internet is disconnected is every blogger’s nightmare, even a bigger nightmare for those who earn money via the internet.
Thank God I have my Blackberry but it is nothing like a real computer as the functions are limited.
This is also the first time in my 4.5 years of blogging that I am making a blog post using the handphone!
Really hopeful that I will get back my internet connection by tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “No Internet For 3 Days!

  1. CL – yup everyone is switching to Unifi. I am considering too.

    Mommy of two & Vicky – I hv just found out from my supplier that I can use my Blackberry as a mobile modem too, by connecting it to my laptop and iPad. I will find out more on this.

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