X’mas Colors Inspired Straws

My baby girl now looks forward to milky time coz she gets to choose her straw. Her daddy, who is an Ikea fan-see bought a few packs of straws with X’mas inspired colors for his catering functions and I hijacked one pack for my straw-craze baby girl, who uses up to 3 straws in a day. I don’t mind as long as I don’t have to spoon feed her milk anymore!  And who doesn’t like colorful straws eh? Even I like them, especially fat fat and colorful ones meant for Taiwanese bubble tea, tee hee…

Check out the white container – my Ikea fan-see hubs bought about half a dozen of them from Ikea to store our things.  Yup, he is a neat freak who irritates me to my bones whenever he re-arranges my things and keeps them in new boxes and never tells me, aaaaarrgggghhh!!!

And oh yeah, the pink froggy bowl is from Ikea too. It comes with a pink sippy cup and pink froggy bib too.   Our house is full of merchandise from Ikea and my hubs can spend a whole day there without any complaint. He will be like a little boy again whenever he is at Ikea.

My cutie pie, deeply engrossed in picking her straw…

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4 thoughts on “X’mas Colors Inspired Straws

  1. Brings back memories when my kids used straws….they were fussy abt colours too. I’d just buy from the dollar store, pkg of 100, and they were bendable too. Anyways, I was so cheap I would rinse out the straw so they ended up using the same straw all day!! I did throw it out at the end of the day.

  2. Chris, I used to wash the straws too, until I thought about it and the calculative sense in me told me that the water probably costs more than a new straw 😀

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