My January Shopping Spree at Ikea

My driver finally had the time to bring me to Ikea to claim my January cash reward last week, just 2 days before it expired. Making a trip to Ikea will now be a monthly affair for the next 11 months and I am loving it as I will get to add a new piece of furniture or accessory to my home or simply accumulate the cash reward and use the bigger amount to buy something costlier. This time, only Baby had the privilege to follow us while her 2 sisters had to stay behind as they had to wake up early for school the next day.

By the time we reached Ikea, it was already 9ish pm. With such limited time left before the store closed, we hurriedly hunted for the first thing that we had in mind, which was another piece of wooden clothes hanger for our bedroom door. Living in a condo where space is limited in our bedroom, we do not have the luxury of space to buy another cupboard, so we have to take full advantage of existing space, which was the lower part of our bedroom door. The upper part of our bedroom door has a wooden Ikea clothes hanger and I love that design, which is very Victorian and it is sturdy. So we decided to get another piece of the same wooden clothes hanger to affix it to the bottom half of the door so that we could hang more clothes on the door. Locating that particular piece of clothes hanger was no easy task as we were shopping against time. But I finally found it and was so happy!

Baby set her eyes on this chair.ย  I would have bought it for her if we still lived in a landed house, so we had to shake our heads and pull her away.

In the end, we settled for another Mammut children stool and chose a bright lemon yellow one this time. We also bought another Mammut children chair and chose pink. With these 2 new collection of chair and stool, the girls now have 3 Mammut stools and 3 Mammut chairs. Hopefully this will end the tug of war between #2 and #3 over the existing blue and red chairs. These Mammut stools are lightweight yet sturdy and everyone loves to use them for an assortment of purposes.

The hubs also bought this stylo multi-lamp for his catering business use. The lamp cost over RM300 but it certainly adds a classy touch to the buffet table for high-end client’s functions.

A trip to Ikea will never be complete without a treat of the RM1 ice-cream for the girls. Baby had the whole ice-cream to herself. Her 2 che ches only found out just a moment ago as I was typing this and they were green with envy while Baby let out a smug giggle tee hee heee…

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3 thoughts on “My January Shopping Spree at Ikea

  1. Hahaha…2 che ches green with envy watching little baby slurping on ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yea, I love the Mammut collection. Currently I have one Mammut stool. Planning to buy a Mammut table too when Caleb learning to write and read ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. wah 2 che ches were so obedient to stay at home. The Mammut chairs are surely colorful, hopefully 2 sisters won’t be fighting over the pinky chair of Baby ๐Ÿ™‚

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