Colorful Cup Cakes

Check out these Sesame Street characters cuppies from Wondermilk! Pretty attractive and cute eh? Of all the ‘branded’ cup cakes that I have tasted, my personal preference is Wondermilk. There is something about the taste of the icing that makes it stand out from other cup cakes. It could be the type of vanilla used in the icing, which is very aromatic. The smell of the icing on the cake is like aromatherapy to me! If only they have uncolored icing, I’ll chomp down the whole cuppie with the icing and then go on a diet the next day 😀 But the bright colored icing is too scary to be put into the mouth, especially for kids. After devouring on the cuppies, the tongue and teeth of my girls had a coating of blue, red and green!! And the colored icing which got stuck beneath the finger nails and on the clothes were like paint, which was quite hard to be removed, not to mention super oily!! Aiks, I hope the colors are not toxic to the body.

Do you allow your kids to eat such bright colored icing or other food that has too much artificial coloring?

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4 thoughts on “Colorful Cup Cakes

  1. Yes, there’s something about Wondermilk cuppies that make it stand out among the rest. It’s my favourite too 🙂 You should try their Foxy Red Velvet. Delish! But then it’s also heavily loaded with red colouring 🙁 I haven’t seen those colourful Sesame Street ones so far and I don’t think I’ll ever buy them for Chloe, esp after reading your description about how badly it stains. Me dun like artificial colourings too!

  2. its too colorful. There was once the kids ate it and then color stained everywhere on their mouth, lips, fingernails and I got frightened with it! Since then, I’ll try to avoid any cuppies with dark colors.

  3. There is one branch near my home. Their coffee is also very nice. Not those cheapo coffee. I dont mind going again and again if not for their steep pricing.

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