Health Freak Mommy is 5 Years Old!

Today, as I was walking to Cassandra’s kindy to pick her up, I was trying to take stock of my life and then went on to have an ‘audit trail’ of what I am today.

Six years ago, I was a not-so-contented housewife with only 2 young toddlers. Life then with 2 toddlers who were not even in school yet was pretty monotonous. I had a live-in helper who was by far the best maid I’ve ever had, no blogs to update and no online store business to worry about. Can you imagine what a humdrum life was for me then? I am one who needs a little challenge and ‘good stress’ to add a dash of spice to my life. I spent most of my free time socializing in a reputable mom forum, a forum for Glenn Doman inspired parents and a few other forums for parents. I was an active member of these mom forums and made friends with a bunch of new mommies like me, who remain my good friends up until this day. From these forums, I clicked on links to blogs written by SAHMs. And from some of these blogs, I gathered that I could actually make money from blogging… in US Dollars that is! A light bulb moment struck exactly 5 years ago today! I was very excited. Being the impatient and ambitious me, I spent many late nights on my ‘project’ and the rest is history.  My maiden Health Freak Mommy blog (blogspot) was conceived in April 2007.  A few months later, I bought a domain and was created. now has over 37,000 visits a month (with over 15,000 unique visitors a month) (statistics for January 2012).  This excludes visitors to my blogspot blog.

Today, I am a writer of 3 blogs and I also churn money from my blogs and am a small-time entrepreneur. I cannot imagine my life without the internet. I guess I would be a full-time housewife without a live-in helper who spends all my time doing household chores, cooking, fetching the kids everywhere and coaching them in their school work. I wonder if I will like this kind of lifestyle. Our current live-in helper will leave us very soon. My time on the computer will be limited and that’s for sure. Half of my time will be spent on house work and the kids. Honestly, I am looking forward to see how our ‘new chapter in life’ will fall into place without our current helper. Our current helper has been giving us a good amount of stress. On the other hand, I am also worried that my life will be upside down and more stressful without a live-in helper. Come what may, I shall face each day as it comes and shall not worry unnecessary.  Worrying is like a rocking chair — it gives you something to do but will not bring you anywhere!

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12 thoughts on “Health Freak Mommy is 5 Years Old!

  1. Still wondering how to earn money from blogging, but then my blog is not high traffic, so never borthered. Trust you will be able to handle changes, will be good to preempt the girls and tell them your expectation of them to be more independent or take share in chores.

  2. Congrats on this special milestone. I don’t monetize my blog anymore. I try to keep the blog private, not visiting and leaving comments on other blogs.

    Life might be a bit chaotic without a maid, but you will soon get used to it … anyway, the girls are old enough to help out with house work.

  3. Not having a live-in maid may just turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The kids will have to learn to help out in household chores, be more independent having to do things by themselves instead of always relying on a maid. You may be pleasantly surprised that this will consequently mould your children into helpful, responsible, independent individuals. Initially there might be teething problems. But with Mummy’s patient guidance, support and example, nothing is impossible…..Trust in the Lord!

  4. Congratulations 🙂 If you did not blog, I wouldn’t have gotten to know you and your lovely girls 🙂 I am sure you can do it without a helper. You are one super mama 🙂

  5. Hey lady, congratulations! We started at the same time but look where you are already! You deserve every credit for all the blood and sweat, stress & sleepless nights & heart attacks that you’ve had to go through. I really take my hats off to you and wish you an even greater success in the next few years!

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