Che Che Bit Me!

Just a moment ago I heard a loud yell from Cass and then she started to bawl very loudly. I dashed into the bedroom and Cass was pointing her finger at Alycia.

Cass – che che bit me!!

Me – che che beat you or bit you?

Cass – she bit me on my cheek and I didn’t do anything to her but she bit me, uwawawawawawa!!! (and continued to bawl in pain)

Alycia – no no I didn’t! (with a big streak of guilt shown on her face)

As I was questioning Alycia as to why she bit her baby sister’s cheek, I broke out laughing uncontrollably. After the recent incident where I saw Alycia smelling Cass’ hand, now she’s at it again – she bit her baby sister like a doggie!! The thought of this loving sister who could not contain her love towards her baby sister thus bit her just tickled my funny bone.   I know Alycia did all these because she could not contain her ‘geram-ness’ looking at her cute baby sister LOL!!!  And err, I must confess that I did bite my 3 girls on their Michellin thighs and arms when they were babies, oops!!  And I still do pinch Cass’ fat thighs all the time coz they are just too tempting to be squeezed, muahahahaha!!

Later, Alycia told me that she loves the smell of her baby sister, which smelled like ‘perfume’. But Cass who was still seething with anger and pain told me to confiscate all her che che’s ‘stars’ (which I gave her each time she scored a 100% for her weekly Ejaan, Spelling, Ting Xie and Xiao Khau) for biting her cheek.

After I had left the room, the 2 sisters were chummy with each other all over again. Just had to pen this incident down as I think it is just  too funny 😀

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7 thoughts on “Che Che Bit Me!

  1. so sweet! and yes, hard to resist the geramness and i still squeeze the girls whether it is hugs, on their cheeks, arms, and more on their bums! hehe…tough to resist. sometimes i still grab them, hug and kiss and also smell them. and lately i’m wondering when will i stop this coz i dont see my mom doing this to us already! lol!

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