My Little Social Butterfly’s Saturday

As I am typing this, the clock shows 5 minutes to 10pm and my 7-YO daughter is still out having fun without her daddy and mummy.  In fact, this girl has been out the whole afternoon and evening. She went for ballet class in the afternoon and now she is having a whale of a time with her best friend, Berlyn and Berlyn’s family. She left the house at 5:30pm for swimming at Berlyn’s place. Now they are at Mid Valley Megamall having Japanese food. The picture below was tagged to my FB page by Berlyn’s mummy, via her mobile phone. My 7-year old social butterfly is having a blast of her life and if I would allow her, I know she would jump at the opportunity to sleep over at Berlyn’s house too! It’s a nice thing to have a best friend and I hope that this friendship of Sherilyn and Berlyn’s will last forever.

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