Koncis Garlic Press from Ikea

In my forthcoming shopping trip to Ikea, one of the items that is on my shopping list is a stainless steel Koncis Garlic Press. I love cooking but one of the things that turns me off big time is peeling and chopping garlic as I abhor the lingering pungent smell of garlic on my fingers!  I am very tempted to buy peeled ones from supermarkets but have you noticed that those peeled garlic bulbs have a tint of brownish color and they smell foul too?  So no thanks. I rather wear disposable plastic gloves and peel the garlic myself. With a garlic press, I only need to peel the skin off the garlic bulbs and then put the cloves of garlic into the garlic press and with all my might, press the pincers and see the tiny bits of pressed garlic coming out from the gadget. Easy job eh?

According to the description which I obtained from the Ikea website, the Koncis garlic press can cope with unpeeled cloves as well. Wow, that’s good news. Can’t wait to get this garlic press from Ikea soon and it’s pretty affordable at only RM25.

Oh by the way, my Swedish cooking class organized by Ikea is set for tomorrow evening! The menu for the cooking class is:
– Jansson’s Temptations (can’t wait to find out what temptation this is!)
– Poached filet of salmon with fresh salad and lemon butter sauce
– Cinnamon pancake with honeyed apple

If you too would like to attend a Swedish cooking class,  you stand a chance to win a free one, courtesy of Ikea and it’s easy peasy. Just get ready your camera to snap pix of food or any picture related to food and the kitchen and email it to Ikea. Just click on this link to find out more!

Wait, there’s more!  Ikea Damansara is currently having a Pretty Smart Kitchen promotion where there is a 10% rebate on a wide range of kitchen items.  You can do some preliminary online shopping at Ikea to see what you’d like to get so that when you are at the Ikea store, you know what to put into your shopping cart, thus saves your precious time.  I’m going to Ikea too soon!

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7 thoughts on “Koncis Garlic Press from Ikea

  1. Here’s what I’ve been doing….every few months I’ll buy like 1/2 lb garlic and chop them up with the Magic Bullet or mini chopper. Then put the chopped garlic in a jar with some salt and oil, making sure it is submerged in oil. I freeze the extra bottles. As for the smell on the hands, u can buy this fancy metallic egg-shaped thing for smell removal and use it to wash your stinky hands, OR, u can wash your hands with soap and a metal spoon. I use the stainless steel scrubber that sits in the kitchen sink. Works like a charm!
    PS I didn’t know ginger can be used in the presser, I normally use the microplane zester.

  2. Chris, I used to have this metallic odour removal soap that my sil bought from Europe. But I find that it did not work all the time, esp. if my hands had fishy smell or durian. I shd try washing with soap and a metal spoon next time, tks for the tip!

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