My First Swedish Cooking Class!

When I was offered by Ikea to attend a free Swedish cooking class recently, I jumped at the opportunity to equip myself with some Swedish cooking skills.  How can I say NO to such an opportunity  from Ikea?  Thankfully my mil was around to watch over the 2 older girls (which she had to bring along for her appointment with her friends that evening). Cass had to tag along with me to the cooking class, which Ikea and the cooking school so kindly allowed.  I really enjoyed the cooking class with other bloggers, rep from Ikea and rep from the social media company that evening.  All of us had so much fun having hands-on experience cooking with a well-known chef and not to mention tasting our own finished product.

For those of you who had read my earlier posts on this lucky draw to win a free Swede Cook class sponsored by Ikea, the results will be out tomorrow. If you have submitted your entries, I hope you’ll be one of the lucky few to win your way to this free Swede cook class!

Here are some of the pix that I took during the Swede cook class held at :

I wish my kitchen was as spacious and fully equipped as this kitchen at, where the Swede cooking class was held.

Chef Khai explaining to us the Swede dishes that he was about to show us how to whip up…

First dish was Jansson’s Temptation. A very flavorful Swedish dish of potatoes, sauteed onions with Balsimic (black vinegar), olive oil, canned anchovies and whipping cream. In the blue Ikea bowl was canned  anchovies, which was very salty — it tasted a tad like the canned fish with black beans from China.

Me at work ! We were arranging the sliced potatoes, sauteed onions and anchovies in the ramekins, layer by layer here. Then topped the dish up with some whipping cream before baking them in the oven.

Our Jansson’s Temptation just out fr the oven, bare and without the final touch and deco yet.

The easiest way to separate the egg yolk from the egg white is to scoop it up with your bare hand, which Chef Khai took just a couple of seconds to do it — no need canggih equipment or gadget!  And how do you tell if the egg is fresh?  The yolk will be round, intact and nice.  A disintegrated / runny egg yolk means that the egg is not fresh and you won’t be able to separate it from the white with your bare hand then.

2nd dish was poached fillet of salmon with fresh salad and lemon butter sauce.

That’s how poached salmon is made. Never knew that making poached salmon ala 5-star restaurant style can be that simple!

The Jansson’s Temptation that we made, with the final touch, super delish! The packet Lingon berry drinks were courtesy of Ikea, very refreshing and tasted a tad like Ribena.

Cass enjoying her supper after impatiently waiting for me for 2 hours!

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