What The…?

This is a back-dated post.  For those of you with primary school kids, please read on!! 😀

Can you guess what this is? Not the green lunch box but the black stuff inside. It does look like some highly suspicious and deadly substance from X-Files eh? Or a century egg, no?

It is a lunch box filled with mold!! Mold that grew from about 1/4 piece of leftover bread with kaya (coconut jam with eggs). Does this picture give you the “EEEEEWWWWWEEEEEEEE, I want to puke!!” moment? It did give me the creeps and freaks when I opened up the lunch box. I immediately threw it into a plastic bag and ran to the refuse room outside our unit and flung it into the bin!

Story — I had packed kaya sandwich for Alycia but this rascal could not finish it. When she came back from school, she had forgotten to remove the lunch box from her bag. I of course was too busy and had forgotten to check her bag. After 4 or maybe 5 days (it was a long weekend due to some public holidays),  the piece of bread metamorphosised into some volcanic powdery mold. Highly poisonous and deadly if ingested!! I remember watching one of the Oprah series years ago where Oprah and her team wore protective clothes covered from head to toe when they visited the wrecked homes of those tornado victims and their houses were infested with molds.

Since that fateful night that sent shivers down my spine, I have now taken an effort to remind Alycia and Sherilyn to remove their lunch boxes from their bags. I should have also disinfected Alycia’s bag with some Dettol spray too that night!

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9 thoughts on “What The…?

  1. I had this experience many times with my girls’ lunch boxes. At one time a lunch box was left in the school’s table drawer over the weekend, and it caused the whole classroom stink. After many incidences, I still have to remind my girls to take out their lunch boxes almost every day, sometimes i get so mad that I ask them to wash their own lunch boxes by themselves if they fail to comply.

  2. That in itself is an excellent science experiment! And lest we forget…this is how penicillin was “born”!! So, to everything bad, there is always something good! Not that I condone keeping leftovers unrefrigerated! Once at the kids’ school when I was helping out. some kid left a tuna sandwich in his locker over the weekend. It smelled like the sewer had backed up!

  3. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! But yes, happened to me b4 also. Forgot to wash baby’s porridge in food jar. I kept washing the food jar with hot water after that, but never dared to use it after that incident. I guess I should throw it out, but “em sei tak” to throw the expensive food jar 🙁

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