A Health Freak’s Breakfast

While everyone else started to attack the sausages, bacon, porridge,  Japanese cuisine and jammed up the egg omelette counter at the coffee house @ Hilton Sentral, I breezed through the fruits counter, albeit the queue at the fresh juice counter was pretty long.

Here’s what I started with for breakfast…

Fresh fruit juices, fresh fruits, muesli, seaweed, baby squids and tofu sushi (I omitted the rice though) from the Japanese food counter.

Next I helped myself to some eggs, a sausage but no bacon (too salty for my preference) and a little bit of everything that’s low in carb from the buffet line.
Instead of gorging myself fat with pastries, breads, cakes and tarts, I munched on hazel nuts, walnuts, almonds and nutty bars for dessert.

I’ll bet not many people would want to pick these items from a  continental buffet breakfast at a 5-star hotel. Would you?

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4 thoughts on “A Health Freak’s Breakfast

  1. mmmm … I will take whatever that I feel like that one . it could be fruits too … sometimes, I don’t like sausages .. actually, I don’t like continental breakfast .. boring! I like Malaysia style breakfast with nasi lemak, fried bee hoon, roti canai and those high calories food ..

  2. You are right. I would not go for those. Lol! I try to stay away from nutty stuff because I have allergy (which only starts after I was preggie) and oily skin. My doctor and beautician advise me to avoid nuts as much as possible

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