Beet Root Smoothies

Today, I made some healthy smoothies with beet root, the root that is a well-known powerhouse of antioxidants and soluble fiber.   With one medium size beet root, I made:

1) beet root + green apple + chia seeds smoothie for myself. I used about 3/4 of the beet root and 1 whole green apple.

2) less than 1/4 beet root + 3 oranges + 6 strawberries + chia seeds to make 3 cups of smoothies for the 3 princesses.  I used strawberries to mask the raw taste of beet root and to add flavor to the smoothie. I love adding strawberries to my smoothies to add flavor and sweetness.

Since beet root is high in fiber, I had to add about 3/4 cups of water to blend with the beet root and fruits to dilute the smoothie and to make it smoother and easier to swallow.   I was really surprised that my girls had no problem gulping down their cup of healthy tonic.  In fact, my most pernickety eater, Alycia is the biggest fan of all, of my healthy smoothies.  She likes it as she could drink it chilled and this is also  the only time I relax on the ‘no cold drinks and cold food’ restriction on her.  This girl of mine has a sensitive throat and gets phlegm pretty easily. Recently it got so bad that each time she drank ice drinks or ate ice cream, the phlegm would gag her throat till she puked after her meals.  Ever since I imposed the ‘no cold drinks / cold food’ restriction on her plus removed milk from her cold turkey, her throat has improved remarkably well.

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